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Whitehall – The region known as Whitehall was previously a colossal illustrious castle, the biggest in Europe and greater than the Vatican and Versailles. Little of it is currently apparent and the remaining parts of the castle exist under the structures that make up the core of the British Government. Generally reconstructed by Henry VIII. It was where the notorious ruler commended his union with Anne Boleyn in 1533 and Jane Seymour in 1536. The multiple times wedded ruler kicked the bucket here in 1547.

The castle kept on being extended, with the expansion of a Banqueting House for regal masques and balls during the rule of James I. the whole castle was caught fire in 1698. As per legend, the burst was brought about via the indiscreet activities of a Dutch clothing lady. Just the amazing Banqueting House gets by right up until today. The advanced Whitehall has created a piece-feast around the shell of the old castle. And it is renowned today for being the area of numerous administration workplaces, including the Ministry of Defense, the Treasury, and the Cabinet Office.

Illustrious Palaces of Sovereign Elizabeth I – Whitehall Palace

The Palace of Whitehall, in Westminster, was one more royal residence that had once had a place with Cardinal Thomas Wolsey. Lord Henry VIII held onto it when the Cardinal become undesirable and changed it into a superb illustrious home. When Henry’s passing, it was the biggest royal residence in Europe.

Sovereign Elizabeth I remained at Whitehall Palace more than at some other royal residence. Besides the fact that its size made lodging the court more straightforward. However, it was near the Palace of Westminster, where Parliament and the law courts sat. The Queen spent numerous Christmases at Whitehall Palace. In 1581, to engage the French during her marriage exchanges with Francis, Duke of Alencon, the Queen added a banqueting house to the castle. This banqueting house was simply intended to be transitory yet stayed being used until the rule of King James I.

Unfortunately, a large portion of the castle was lost in a fire-related accident in 1698. Yet King Henry VIII’s Wine Cellar made due despite everything that exists today. The current Banqueting House, worked by Inigo Jones in 1622, remains on the site of Queen Elizabeth‘s unique.

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