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September 9, 20224 Mins Read


Vintage engagement rings come in a variety of styles. Ring styles in the past, as today, fluctuated and evolved with the fashions of the day. Certain ring styles were popular in specific eras. Most styles, on the other hand, did not vanish through time; rather, they evolved and changed.  

What Constitutes a “Vintage” Engagement Ring?

Items that are at least 20 years old are classified as vintage, while those that are at least 100 years old are classified as antique. The term “vintage” mainly refers to the ring’s aesthetic rather than its age when it comes to engagement rings. If you desire a vintage engagement ring, you should opt for a modern, vintage-style engagement ring setting.
A Vintage engagement ring is one that is made to look like a ring from a previous era, such as the Victorian or Art Deco periods. Most diamond suppliers provide a wide selection of vintage-style engagement rings, such as this rose gold diamond ring. Vintage engagement rings that are at least 50 years old are considered antique engagement rings phoenix. Vintage rings are frequently recycled, passed down down the generations, or purchased and resold by diamond resellers.
Milgrain or filigree, for example, are common features of antique engagement rings. An antique-style halo engagement ring, such as this exquisite Victorian vintage engagement ring.

What is a Vintage Engagement Ring Setting?

A vintage engagement ring is one influenced by the Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Deco periods and made in an antique style. Milgrain and filigree are two beautiful elements that can be seen in old settings. Vintage engagement ring settings are available in a wide range of styles, providing you plenty of choices. Browse the most popular vintage engagement ring settings below to find one that suits your style.

Floral vintage rings

A floral motif, such as a halo fashioned in the shape of a flower or milgrain design that simulates petals, is common in vintage engagement rings. This vintage floral marquise ring exudes elegance and charm. This floral halo is Art Deco in style. There are other vintage floral scalloped halo rings available, such as this one from eBay.

The Box Setting Vintage rings

During the arc deco era, the box set became popular as an elegant and modern design. It was chosen for its simple design and the way it allowed light to reach the diamond through the setting’s sides.

Halo vintage rings

A center diamond is encircled by a concentric circle or square of lesser diamonds in halo vintage rings. Vintage halo ring varieties include hand-engraved milgrain rings, such as this one, and antique rings, such as this navette halo band.​​

Art Deco vintage rings

In the 1920s and 1930s, the Art Deco style was very popular. Geometric motifs, abstract patterns, and contrasting hues are all part of the aesthetic. Two prongs and elaborate craftsmanship characterize this Art Deco-inspired ring. This six-prong ring’s tapering shape is polished Art Deco, while the classic geometric design in yellow gold is gorgeous and one-of-a-kind.

Cathedral vintage rings

Two arches support the center stone in a cathedral antique ring, giving it the impression of a cathedral. This traditional cathedral ring features filigree embellishments, whilst this more intricate cathedral ring has a more contemporary appearance.

The Four-Prong Vintage ring

The four-prong setting is the most popular and modern option. Its rapid rise to renown began during the Art Deco era and is still going strong today. This setting reveals the diamond’s largest surface area, allowing light to enter through multiple locations.

Milgrain vintage rings

The Milgrain engraving is an accent that gives the ring an “antique” aspect by covering the sides of the band and the crown of the ring with small metal balls. Milgrain, for example, is employed at the edges of this infinity halo ring. On the front half of the bands of this engagement ring and Custom Jewelry, there is a milgrain design.

Filigree vintage engagement rings

The Filigree is a delicate metalwork style that incorporates metal beads or twisted metal threads into the design. The image below shows an antique engagement ring with yellow gold filigree embellishments on the shank and around the bezel-set diamond. This white gold engagement ring and this cathedral ring are examples of vintage engagement jewelry with comparable filigree patterns.

Why Should You Get an Engagement Ring in a Vintage Style?

The non-traditional design, elaborate features, and classic look of antique-style engagement rings make them stand out. A vintage engagement ring is appreciated as a classic piece of jewelry and is frequently passed down through the generations.
Moreover, Vintage engagement rings can even be customized to meet the wearer’s specific style and wants. They stand out from the crowd, to put it another way.

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