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Himani Chandorkar Blog Trek to My Chadar Trek

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Himani Chandorkar Blog Trek to My Chadar Trek

Himani Chandorkar – In the Zanskar area for many years, explorers from all over the world have been talking about Chadar Trek. Hundreds of people have experienced the secret thrills and sights of the frozen river in Chadar this year. In fact, Chadar Trek is one of the most popular Himalayan trekking, and it is also the most amazing. For those who are willing to enjoy the highest level of adventure, winter hiking is so special.
The trek starts from the cold river, mainly because the river begins to freeze. In February, tourists choose to cross the frozen river because its ice cover is relatively stable. Precarious snowflakes pose a serious threat to hiking, but at other times, the challenges faced by hikers are friendly. The river is completely vertical, with cliffs up to 600 meters high. The Zanska River is 5 meters long and is a tributary of the Indus River.
We spend most of our future planning … Think of the world we cannot live in … Anyone can make you feel the vitality of nature … This is your main experience after hiking on the Mighty Chadar Trek. The mountain pen makes you feel very small and humble… and the power of natural transparency to make your planning work will make you confused.
Tracing Chadal’s “capsule life”. …… This is also the essence of this trip, it will give you a complete life experience…… In 7 days, it will take you through all possible lifestyles! Chapter In winter, the temperature in Ladakh drops to 35 ° C. Many villages were closed due to snow blocking the roads, one of which was Valley Zanskar. The town of Zanskar is connected to Leh by the wild Zanskar River.
The village freezes in winter and the upper layer turns into an ice sheet. For hundreds of years, the locals have used this route … It crosses Chadar for more than 70 kilometers, risking Leh for trade and transportation in winter… But in recent years, this route has become more and more popular with adventure lovers and has become one of the craziest trips in the world, perhaps It is the only river you walk through in a frozen region. The whole journey takes you through steep canyons, strolls on frozen rivers, and opens up unprecedented scenery. It is beautiful, majestic, and simple.
This track absolutely needs to be kept in good condition under extreme conditions…but all these rides are very demanding. Mental strength, perseverance, talent, willingness to face everything without being abandoned … You cannot think of Chadar, he has defects in all these aspects.
When I left Vadodara, I never thought that my life would change in front of me.
Chadar’s track doesn’t feel like another journey to me …
experience, either metaphorically or literally, that made me hold my breath …

 The journey began in Chadar

When the temperature of the flight reached … 10 ° C … the director of the aircraft announced an unprecedented outside temperature … so he was very excited and wanted to know what it was. As suggested by Rohit, my husband and I divided ourselves into four tiers to make sure the temperature changes didn’t happen suddenly. And… When we leave the plane, the cloak makes us very comfortable…
Our bodies have enough time to adapt to low oxygen levels. So we spent two days doing a little bit, except for going to the market to buy rain boots, leg warmers, socks, etc. We went directly to the hotel. Chapter
This day has finally arrived… We stuffed our luggage and ourselves into Xylo, where there are four porters and our trail guide Chamb and everything they have, so our trip is a shame…our starting point is 65 from Leh kilometer.
But when our travel agency couldn’t find more people… In the end, there were only two of us and our tour guide and doorman. We look forward to forming a group with us.
We stopped at Patharsahib Gurudwara on the way to the cold … it wasn’t there … but somehow every time I visited this place, I couldn’t explain this feeling of calm.
Finally, it took us about 4 hours to get to the cold. Due to the landslide, we had to stop before the usual starting point of the trip.
At night, the weather became much cooler, and the porters and tour guides cooked delicious Khichadi food according to our requirements. Sitting in your tent, the stove will burn fun, because it is the warmest, so we can be on the road. Our guide Chamb and four porters Nima, Dorjey, Tashi and Shingles consist of a team of 5 extraordinary people. During our 6 days in Chadar, their efforts to make us feel comfortable and safe are unparalleled, and I will never thank them.
After our extraordinary team cooked half of the Khichadi bowl (thank you for no appetite), we returned to the tent, where we carefully pulled a super warm sleeping bag.
When you experience the transformation of the camp all day… The cold made sure all of our movements were slow, and we finally completed the morning’s homework and prepared for the journey. 9:30 We leave for the next Shingra Comma camp.
I have been running for a few hours, and it is only an hour from our camp … but now I am extremely tired, I feel a strange drought … I think I need to get out and walk 10 kilometers. .. I didn’t realize that my symptoms were gradually increasing. The campsite is here again…a beautiful man is here.

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