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U.S. Officials Are Growing Worried About Potential Chinese Action Against Taiwan

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The Biden administration would prefer that Nancy Pelosi postpone her trip because they are keeping an eye out for any attempts by China to seal off the Taiwan Strait.

In Washington The Biden administration has grown more concerned about China’s remarks and actions regarding Taiwan this summer. Some officials are concerned that Chinese leaders may try to take action against the self-governing island over the next 18 months, perhaps by attempting to block access to all or part of the Taiwan Strait, which U.S. naval ships frequently pass through.

As the government discreetly tries to convince House Speaker Nancy Pelosi not to proceed with a planned trip to Taiwan next month, U.S. sources say, internal concerns have grown more intense recently. The Chinese government has frequently criticised Ms. Pelosi’s alleged plans and warned reprisal since she would be the first speaker to visit Taiwan since 1997.

As President Xi Jinping of China and senior Communist Party leaders get ready in the coming weeks for an important political summit at which Mr. Xi is likely to prolong his reign, U.S. officials perceive a heightened danger of conflict and miscalculation over Ms. Pelosi’s trip.

Contrary to the opinions of the United States and other countries, Chinese authorities have vehemently argued this summer that no portion of the Taiwan Strait can be regarded as international waters. China has sovereignty, sovereign powers, and authority over the Taiwan Strait, according to a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry in June.

Chinese officials are aware that the Biden administration is trying to shape its weapons sales to Taiwan in a way that would make the democratic island into what some have dubbed a “porcupine,” bristling with enough effective armaments and defence systems to deter Chinese leaders from trying to attack it. This is done in part by applying lessons learned from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Officials from the United States claim they are not aware of any specific intelligence that would suggest the Chinese leadership has made a decision to act quickly on Taiwan. Chinese Action Against Taiwan However, analysts both inside and outside the U.S. administration are analysing to see when it could be best for China to take more audacious measures to weaken Taiwan and the US.

What the country’s senior leaders think of China’s military’s expanding capabilities in comparison to Taiwan, the United States, and local U.S. allies like Japan and South Korea is a key question.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Gen. Mark A. Milley, stated this week that China’s military was acting “much more and noticeably more aggressively” in the Asia-Pacific area.

Senior American officials’ frequent trips to Taiwan, which Beijing views as equivalent to formal diplomatic interaction with the island, have drawn criticism from Chinese officials. After hearing from her aides that she had tested positive for the coronavirus, Ms. Pelosi postponed her April visit.

According to Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, at a regularly scheduled media briefing on Monday, “if the United States insists on moving forward, China will take firm and resolute measures to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the U.S .shall be accountable for all severe repercussions.”

Despite the growing controversy around it, U.S. officials acknowledged that the preparations for Ms. Pelosi’s travel were continuing.

As is customary for such visits, Most likely, Ms. Pelosi would take a U.S. flight to Taipei. military aircraft. According to some observers who have studied Chinese criticisms of the planned visit, China might dispatch aircraft to “escort” her plane and prevent her from landing.

Although unlikely, this possibility is a real fear, according to U.S. officials, and Washington would view any such action as a major escalation. Chinese Action Against Taiwan  Due to the delicate systems of diplomatic issues, the officials who were interviewed for this article spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Regardless of not reporting her movement goals out in the open, Ms. Pelosi expressed last week that “it’s pivotal as far as we’re concerned to communicate fortitude for Taiwan.”

Since 1979, when Washington cut diplomatic ties with Taipei in order to restore relations with Beijing, the highest-ranking U.S. A cabinet member and a senior State Department official were the two government representatives to go to Taiwan on official business. The last House Speaker to go to Taiwan was Newt Gingrich, 25 years ago.

Last Wednesday, in response to a question from reporters regarding the planned visit, Mr. Biden stated that “the military feels it’s not a smart idea right now.” Additionally, he declared that he will talk with Mr. within the ensuing 10 days, Chinese President Xi. In their most recent video discussion, which was held in March, Mr. Biden threatened “implications and repercussions” if China supported Russia’s incursion in Ukraine.

In order to prepare for the party’s 20th congress in the fall, Mr. Xi and other senior Chinese officials and Communist Party elders are anticipated to attend private meetings in August in the beach resort of Beidaihe before the official conclave.
According to analysts, Mr. Xi will almost definitely defy convention by running for president a third time, as well as continuing to serve as party secretary and head of the Central Military Commission.

In the months leading up to the party congress, when Xi hopes to be approved for an unprecedented third term, Susan L. Shirk, a former senior State Department official and author of “Overreach,” a forthcoming book on Chinese politics, said: “The domestic political situation in China right now is extremely tense.”

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