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August 26, 20222 Mins Read

Today is the third day of the death of Indian actor Shushant Singh Rajput and today his sister-in-law also passed away in Bihar, India because she could not bear the news of Shushant’s passing away. He reportedly stopped eating on Sunday after hearing of her death. On the other hand, there is speculation that Sushant has lost five to seven film contracts near Bollywood in the last seven months, leading people to blame the Indian film industry for Sashant’s death. Kevin’s film contracts were withdrawn from Shuhant Singh and he did not have a job in the industry.
News of discrimination against Sushant Singh Rajput in the film industry is also coming to the fore, which is why Indian directors and producers are facing criticism.
Kangana Ranaut, a fearless actress who has raised her voice against nepotism in the Indian film industry, has blamed nepotism in the film industry for the suicide of actor Shushant Singh Rajput.
Depression has sparked a new debate in India after Shushant Singh’s suicide as police investigate the cause of the actor’s suicide. Regarding SUSHANT SINGH suicide, actress Kangana Ranaut says that Sashant’s death has shaken us all, but some people are saying that those who have a weak mind commit suicide due to depression.
He did not say that SUSHANT SINGH was a position holder and had also taken a scholarship, so how could his mind be weak. Kangana further said that in his last posts and interviews, Sushant was telling people to watch my films, I have no godfather, I will be fired from the industry and the industry is not my own. Kangana on the attitude of the industry He further said that the late actor was not given any award even for his debut film, not even for films like ‘Kedarnath’, ‘Dhoni’ and ‘Chhichhore’ The best film like ‘Chhichhore’ does not get any award.

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