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August 29, 20223 Mins Read

The Supreme Court has rejected the National Disaster Management Authority’s (NDMA) corona vaccine report. During the hearing in the Supreme Court on the performance of the National Disaster Management Authority, Chief Justice Ejaz-ul-Haq presented a report to the court by the NDMA, which was rejected by the Supreme Court.

The Chief Justice of Maat, Justice Ejaz-ul-Haq, while giving remarks, said that no one will be allowed to eat a single penny, how the concession was given to the same company. The joke is, the NDMA doesn’t know how to deal with the court. The Chief Justice said that 1,725,000 was paid to him which could not be paid at all, customs duty was also paid in cash, the company which sent the goods to China would also have been paid in cash because His name is written in it, someone is messing with it, it is being hidden from the Supreme Court.
The Chief Justice, Justice Ejaz-ul-Haq asked the Attorney General whether the NDMA had imported the vaccine without DRAP’s permission. All the data on the vaccine had to be provided. Where did the vaccine go? Justice Ejaz-ul-Haq said during the hearing that the NDMA tried to save lives by putting only 4 papers. How the money is being spent, Corona, floods, locusts, and everything has been handed over to NDMA, NDMA member admin himself does not know anything, NDMA has been given free hand and huge funds so that Corona The NDMA is accountable to the court and the people.
He said that NDMA is ordering planes and machinery for the locust heart, not only verbal but also documents will have to be used to show transparency, how can anyone give so much cash in Karachi, it seems that someone has been very clever and cunning with us. Yes, where are the documents for the import of vaccines and medicines? Meanwhile, the Attorney General present in the court said that the concerned authorities have to satisfy the court.
The Chief Justice said that what is the spectacle going on, Attorney General, it seems that the NDMA will have to be abolished, recommend to the Prime Minister to abolish the NDMA? On which the Attorney General NDMA people are present in the court. The Chief Justice further said that after giving 3 notices, the NDMA failed to explain. Should the Chairman give notice of contempt of court to the NDMA? Answer requested.
Meanwhile, in the case related to luxury vehicles, the Supreme Court asked the Punjab government how many luxury vehicles the Punjab government is buying. The Punjab government did not say which 500 million vehicles would be imported. Whether it’s an ambulance, a garbage truck, or a Prado, nothing is known. During the hearing in the Supreme Court on the issue of purchase of luxury vehicles by the Punjab government, Chief Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan took a stand on behalf of Advocate General Punjab that the Punjab government is not importing any vehicles on which Chief Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan said. Advocate General Punjab was asked that if development funds are not being released because of Corona, then how are these vehicles being procured? How many vehicles were purchased last year? On this question of the court, Advocate General Punjab said that the information of last year is not available yet.
Expressing anger, Justice Ejaz-ul-Haq further said that now the Punjab government is again buying 500 million vehicles, vehicles are bought with loans from donors, officials say they have to go to the fields so they need a big car.

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