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Shab e Bara’at (The Night of Forgiveness)

September 23, 20222 Mins Read

Shab e Bara’at (The Night of Forgiveness)

Shab e Bara’at (The Night of Forgiveness)
Shab e Bara’at, a night of forgiveness, is a night when Almighty Allah forgives everyone’s sins and decide their destinies for the year to come. This night falls every year on the  15th night of the eighth Holy Month “Shaban ul Muazam” Ameen.
The month of Shaban is full of blessings of Allah Almighty and its importance can be observed by this saying of our Beloved Prophet (PBUH),

“Shaban is my month and Ramadan is the month of Allah.”

Every year the date changes due to the sight of new moon. The Georgian Calendar and the Islamic Lunar Calendar do not go together and has a difference of about 11 days.
Every country celebrates it as per their country’s calendar. This night has a huge importance for the departured souls as their living relatives send them gifts of Dua and Darood.
The night is full of blessings and has various benefits. The Muslims stay awake the whole night to worship Almighty Allah by offering special Prayers (Nawafil), reciting the Holy Quran and doing different other Ibadah.
Many Muslims go to the graveyards for offering Fateha for their deceased relatives and in the following morning, they keep fast which has a lot of benefits.
Hazrat Ali (R.A) has quoted from The Holy Prophet (PBUH),

“When this night falls worship in it, and keep fast in the day. Undoubtedly, Allah Almighty exclaims from the sky that is there anyone who wants forgiveness? So that I forgive him! , Is there anyone who asks me for food? So that I provide him!, Is there anyone who in trouble, So free him from that! And He continues asking, Is there anyone? Is there anyone?  Till the Fajar appears.”

May Allah Almighty save us from all the evil deeds & engage us in collecting the blessings of this night not only this year but all the year to come. Ameen!

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