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San Francisco Celebrates Pride Weekend by Lighting Up

September 23, 20222 Mins Read

San Francisco To celebrate this weekend’s Pride events, a number of SF landmarks were lighting in a variety of hues. The Pink Triangle was still emitting pink light (thanks to hundreds of LEDs), SFO had a rainbow colour, City Hall was lighting pink, blue, and off-white, and there was a genuine rainbow beam shooting into downtown SF from the Ferry Building on Friday evening. It was beautiful.
The Pacific Ocean in San Francisco is the coldest it has been in more than ten years. June is traditionally the month when the coldest water temperature for the region has been recorded, and because of “upwelling,” a phenomenon when powerful winds stir up colder deep-sea water, the waters near Bodega Bay are on average three degrees cooler than typical during that month.

Here’s a reminder to complete all of your downtown shopping trips today to avoid traffic issues caused by Sunday’s Pride Parade street closures.
After the Supreme Court invalidated Roe v. Wade on Friday morning, a rising number of businesses, including Microsoft, Meta, and Apple, will now cover their employees’ travel expenses to areas where abortions are permitted.
San Jose has approved the start of building on a massive redevelopment project on the west side of the city that would add at least 2,000 new dwelling units to the City’s stock in addition to a plethora of green roofs.
Even though it might occasionally feel hopeless, climate activism is altering the way people talk about the global warming catastrophe; it’s simply “not happening fast enough.”

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