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Qixi Festival

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What is Qixi Festival and how could it be commended?

Qixi Festival : At the point when we consider a heartfelt time in the UK, we presumably consider Valentine’s Day in February.

In China and portions of East Asia, however, the period of August would certainly spring to see any problems – because of the yearly Qixi Festival, which is being praised today (Thursday, August 4) in 2022.

Indeed, even Google is getting in on the festivals, with a conventional drawing for Qixi supplanting its typical logo.

All in all, what is Qixi precisely, and how could it be commended?

What is Qixi Festival?

Qixi Festival is a conventional celebration celebrated in China, Taiwan, Singapore, and different pieces of Asia.

You could see it is additionally alluded to as Qiqiao Festival, ‘Chinese Valentine’s Day or Double Seventh Festival.

It happens consistently, explicitly on the seventh day of the seventh month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

This year, Qixi falls on Thursday, August 4 – and the date varies as per the Gregorian schedule, falling in 2023 on Tuesday, August 22, and in 2024 on Saturday, August 10.

Qixi goes back something like 2,000 years and is viewed as an extremely heartfelt day.

It praises the yearly gathering of Niulang, a human, and Zhinü, the goddess of winding around – whose sentiment is the subject of the conventional Chinese classic story called The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl.

There are a few variants of the story, yet basically: Zhinü headed out from paradise to Earth and fell head over heels for Niulang, with whom she had kids. Notwithstanding their adoration, their relationship was illegal. To keep them separated, they were isolated by the Milky Way.

Just one time each year, on Qixi, might the couple at any point rejoin, by meeting on a unique scaffold, worked by jaybirds, over the stars.

How is Qixi Festival celebrated?

As indicated by China Travel, there are various conventional traditions related to Qixi.

Sometime in the distant past, young ladies would supplicate, show their weaving work, as well as color their fingernails during Qixi – as a component of the love of winding around goddess Zhinü.

Customarily, a cake called Qiaoguo – produced using oil, flour, sugar, and sesame – would be eaten. The site says it is as yet appreciated in pieces of Eastern China, like Shanghai and Shandong.

Some may likewise seek the sky for the star Vega, which Zhinü represents, and Altair, representing Niulang.

While there are a few conventional festivals for Qixi noticed, for some the day is viewed as a day of sentiment.

It is a day to invest energy with one’s accomplice, go on dates, share gifts, or even get hitched – as many couples pick the day to get hitched, despite strange notions around the day in regards to partition.

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