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PM Imran Khan for using intelligence services against hired men, smugglers

August 23, 20222 Mins Read

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday called on the government to seek assistance from intelligence agencies in identifying smugglers and hoarders as the government authorized an ordinance against the hosting of essential food prod meeting focused on curbing smuggling and hoarding of basic food products was presided over by the Premier. According to the law, those found guilty of hoarding would be punished with a three-year prison term and a heavy fine. The Prime Minister reiterated the Government’s commitment to take stern action against those involved in smuggling, hoarding and illicit profiteering. cuts and goods. Domestic economy.
The Premier has ordered all relevant agencies to deploy trustworthy and dutiful officers to ensure that hoarding and profiteering is prevented. He said the situation should be tracked on a regular basis and it would be difficult to tolerate administrative incompetence. Imran Khan stressed that the persons involved in such crimes should be promptly detected and punished in accordance with applicable laws to deter such actions. He regretted that poor people are suffering the brunt of artificial supply shortages and illegal price increases due to smuggling and hoarding.
Imran Khan stressed the need for a detailed and efficient plan for the timely procurement of the target of wheat and claimed that all possible measures should be taken to provide the citizens with wheat and flour. The conference addressed problems related to the removal of locusts by aircraft spraying deserts and equipment in fields. The forum was told that machinery and aircraft were imported from China to remove the locusts, and more action was taken to import more aircraft and machinery for this purpose.

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