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Pattan’s Kingdom in Thailand

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Ayutthaya is a historical town 80 km from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Ayutthaya has for centuries been the center of Buddhist civilization and the residence of great temples Hamid ul Allah, 79, has been living in the area for the past several years in Wat Khai Yan, a historic town. He is the Imam of the Masjid “Masjid e Pakistan“.
When Hamid ul Allah come out of the Massjid, So every citizen every street Men and women greet him as he were the very important person of Ayutthaya. This is not due to the traditional humility of Thailand. In fact, there are hundreds of Pashtuns living around Hamid ul Allah. Those who are now Thailand citizens but have roots with Pakistan centuries ago.
Kingdom in Thailand
Pukhtoons are now fully colored in the local Thai color and Thai Culture, so it is not possible to accurately estimate their numbers by 100%. However, according to the Thai Pathan Association (Thai Pakistan Friendship Association) they number close to five million.
Most Thai Pashtuns choose madrassas in Pakistan to educate their sons and they return from there by marrying their relatives. While the majority of Thai Pashtun girls get married with their Thai or Pakistani cousins. There are different traditions about the first generation of Pakistani Pashtuns coming to Thailand. However, there is a common tradition that the British rule in their arrival in Thailand.
Pakistan Friendship Association community Founded nearly 40 years ago to help the Thai Pukhtoons. But due to the majority of Thai Pathans, it became known as ‘Thai Pathan Association’ in general. The Association, together with the Pakistani Embassy, ​​helps solve the problems of Pakhtuns and other Pakistanis. There are about 50 registered masjid throughout Thailand organized by it and for the return of poor and helpless Pakistanis; the Association also plays its part. Pakistani women marrying Thai Pakhtuns are quite satisfied with their lives and they says that her husband respects her more than traditional Pakistani men.

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