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Pakistani Passport| According to the Henley Passport Index for 2022, the Pakistani passport is still the fourth-worst in the world, holding onto its spot from a year ago and giving holders access to only 32 places.

According to the number of countries its owners may travel without a visa, the 199 passports that are now in use across the world are rated in the Henley Passport Index.

The International Air Transport Association, which manages the most extensive collection of travel information in the world, provided the data for the rating, which Henley & Partners Study Department supplemented with significant, continuing research. Pakistan is only placed higher in the recently released rating than the bottom-ranking countries of Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq, all devastated by war.

Japan has taken the top slot, its citizens accessing 193 places with their passports. Following Germany and Spain, whose passports have a visa-free score of 190, come Singapore and South Korea, whose passports grant entry to 192 nations. Most top-ranked countries are from Europe, including the US and the UK. Only 27 countries are visa-free for bearers of Afghan passports, the passport with the lowest score. Iraqi and Syrian passport holders are only allowed entry into 29 and 30, respectively, among the world’s least developed countries.
Prior to Tajikistan and Mauritius, India is ranked 87th among Asian countries, and its passport grants access to 67 other countries. China and Bolivia are tied for 69th rank, and both have passports that allow travel to 80 different countries. With its passport holders having access to 41 nations, Bangladesh is ranked 104th and five ranks better than Pakistan.

Henley Passport Index For 2022

The worst passports

112. Afghanistan (27 destinations)
111. Iraq (29 destinations)
110. Syria (30 destinations)
109. Pakistan (32 destinations)
108. Yemen (34 destinations)
107. Somalia (35 destinations)
106. Nepal, Palestinian territory (38 destinations)
105. North Korea (40 destinations)

On the Contrary, The Most powerful passports

10. Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland (182 destinations)
9. Hungary (183 destinations)
8. Australia, Canada, Greece, Malta, Czech Republic (185 destinations)
7. United States, Belgium, Switzerland, New Zealand, Norway (186 destinations)
6. United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Ireland (187 destinations)
5. Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden (188 destinations)
4. Italy, Finland, Luxembourg (189 destinations)
3. Spain, Germany (190 destinations)
2. South Korea, Singapore (192 destinations)
1. Japan (193 destinations)

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