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Pakistan joins Top 10 Friendly Countries, Japanese Ambassador

August 18, 20222 Mins Read

Japan will call on trained manpower from Pakistan Mr. Connie Nouri Jatsoda Addressing the General Meeting and Dinner of the Pakistan Japan Business Forum Annual Meeting.

Japanese Ambassador to Japan Mr. Koni Noori Jatsoda has said That we have included Pakistan in the list of these ten friendly countries from where Japan will call trained. Japan is trying to play its role in the development of Pakistan, He said this while addressing a special guest at the annual meeting held at the local hotel of the Japan Japan Business Forum.

Japanese ambassador says more work needs to be done with Pakistan in the fields of agriculture, pharmaceutical, energy, education and employment. He said that Japan has included Pakistan in 10 friendly countries in addition to Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, etc. are included in the list from where the force will be deployed. Tourism is also a good idea Speaking on the occasion and later talking to the media, Pakistan Japan Business Forum Chairman Sohail P Ahmed said that there are many business opportunities with Japan but sorry we did not take advantage.
Japanese Ambassador
The forum sends traders to Japan every year whose business has grown. There are now 86 Japanese companies working with Pakistan Chairman Japan Japan Business Forum added that if things improve, He said that Japan’s decision to take the workforce from Pakistan to Pakistan is also a happy one.

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