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Pakistan ‘a strong template’ for the world to pursue the policies of COVID-19

August 30, 20222 Mins Read

Pakistan ‘a strong template’ for the world to pursue the policies of COVID-19: UNGA President-Elect
UN General Assembly President-elect Volkan Bozkir said Pakistan is a “strong model” for the world to pursue when it comes to coping with the coronavirus pandemic. “Pakistan has been a good symbol to the world for its actions linked to the global pandemic. It has done more than any other nation in coping with the global pandemic, and I am proud to see it with my own eyes, “said Bozkir, speaking at a joint press conference with Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi.
The President-elect of the UNGA added that he was pleased by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s meeting with him today. “I met Prime Minister Imran today and was honoured and inspired by [him],” he said. “He is a well-known political leader in the world who has a strong agenda for the country, for global peace and stability, along with crucial concerns such as climate change,” Bozkir Added.
“Shah Mahmood Qureshi is like a sibling to me, and he’s doing an outstanding job. I would like to express my condolences to the people of Pakistan on the Balochistan explosion [Chaman explosion]. My visit to this fraternal nation is to appreciate the longstanding fraternal ties between Turkey and Pakistan, Qureshi, while addressing the press earlier, said that he mentioned the question of human rights abuses in the occupied Indian Kashmir by the occupying powers in the area.
The Foreign Minister, though voicing his profound concern over the continuing human rights abuses in the occupied Kashmir after a year ago, said “We had a really strong conversation on [Kashmir], the evolving situation, the military blockade that has been going on for more than a year now, the human rights abuses and the ceasefire abuses.” “The UNGA has addressed the current conflict three times a year, which is exceptional, and we are thankful for it,” said Qureshi.
“Pakistan hopes that the dialogue on this topic can also take place in the UNGA, because it is the heartbeat of the world that reflects the opinions of the Committee of Nations.” All addressed the situation in Afghanistan and the promising changes that have taken place in the Doha talks. He announced that the two talked of the decision made by the Loya jirga in Afghanistan to release 400 Taliban.

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