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  • Order not to shut down Airlift and SWVL service, Secretary Transport

Order not to shut down Airlift and SWVL service, Secretary Transport

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SWVL service
Secretary Transport Sindh Ghulam Abbas says That they have not ordered any closure of the private transport services ‘Airlift’ and ‘Swvl’. In a statement, he said that he had asked the service to be brought under the purview of the law. Because they do not have a root permit or service permit, However, the SWVL and Airlift Service did not provide fitness for their vehicles.
He said that no one could allow anybody to play with the lives of the citizens. Notice is given to the Services to inform them of their procedure and register their system. Whereas before this car service is also registered in our system.
On the other hand, the provincial minister of transport, Owais Qadir Shah, said Want to provide quality transport facilities to the citizens, Therefore, the transport department was introduced in Karachi the online highway service was allowed to run on a trial basis. He said the online bus service wrote a reminder when the trial time was over which was unfortunately misinterpreted. We will be opening this service regularly Whereas, Airlift and Swvl want to do better in Karachi.

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