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Now women can do this job, Historical decision of the Government

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Saudi women can now travel the world without the permission of male guardians, and they also have the right to be the guardians of their children’s. Local media reported this on Friday. Under the new law in the country, women will not need permission from their male guardian to obtain a passport after the age of 21. Previously, adult women had to get permission from their father, brother or husband to get a passport. Such a ban on women was being strongly criticized in other countries.

According to the Saudi Arabia newspaper, following the current law, women will be the guardians of their child like men and now she can register in the administration’s office on the birth of her newborn baby In Saudi Arabia, human rights, including women’s rights, have been a concern for decades But this situation has changed since King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud came to power in 2015 He named his son Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud as his successor The Crown Prince improved the human rights situation Has taken several important steps toward curbing corruption and banning women. Women should be recruited under the Crown Prince’s reform measures Got the right to drive and join sports programs.

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