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National Lottery Live drawing results

October 28, 20222 Mins Read
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National Lottery Live drawing results

National Lottery draw on Wednesday night is almost here, and since it’s a triple rollover tonight, there’s a lot of money up for grabs.

The anticipated jackpot for tonight’s Lotto drawing is a staggering £8.5 million, and if you play the proper numbers, you might take home the entire sum.

To win the grand prize, all six numbers on your lottery ticket must match. If you succeed, you may win the £8.5 million prize.

If you match three or more numbers, you can potentially win cash. If five main numbers and the bonus ball match, players might win £1 million.

You must purchase a ticket and choose your fortunate numbers by 7.30 tonight in order to be eligible to win. On the National Lottery website, you may also play for £2 each play. There will be another Lotto draw on Saturday, so if you didn’t have a chance to play today, you’ll have another opportunity then.

If you are in tonight’s triple-rollover Lotto draw, which offers a jackpot reward of £8.5 million, it may be your lucky day. Lotto players can choose six numbers from 1 to 59 for £2 per ticket. To win, they must match at least two key numbers.

Players who wish to try their luck must choose five numbers from 1 to 39 and a Thunderball from 1 to 14 in order to enter the Thunderball drawing for a chance to win up to £500,000. Players can also choose numbers in the Lucky Dip game at random.

The winning Lotto numbers for tonight will be announced at 8 PM, and the Thunderball draw will follow at 8:15 PM.

When an unidentified player won £35 million in April 2016, they became the largest Lotto winner ever. Two ticket holders made off with £33 million apiece in January 2016.

Prior to then, three anonymous winners shared a £42,008,610 main Lotto game prize in January 1996, each receiving £14,002,870. In 2016, a single ticket also took home £26.4 million on New Year’s Eve Lotto.

On November 19, 1994, the UK National Lottery held its inaugural drawing. Players contribute 50% of their spending to the prize fund, 28% to charitable organizations, 12% to the government as tax, and 5% to merchants. The lottery has always been run by the remaining 5%.

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