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September 9, 20223 Mins Read

Muharram 2021

Muharram 2021 – In Islam, the long stretch of Muharram is considered vital for both Shia and Sunni Muslims. As indicated by the Islamic schedule, it is viewed as the principal month of the new Islamic year. As indicated by the English schedule in the year 2021, the long stretch of Muharram will begin from August 10th. Ashura happens on the tenth day after the start of the long stretch of Muharram. The celebration of Muharram is praised on this day.

Muharram Ul Harram

As per the convictions of Islamic religion, the celebration of Muharram is praised in the distress of the affliction of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A..S.). He A.S.) was the grandson of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), the author of Islam. As per convictions, on the tenth of Muharram in 680 AD, there was a slaughter in the field of Karbala. And Imam Hussain A.S. had died in the midst of a battle. From that point forward there is a custom of praising the celebration of Muharram.
When the moon of Muharram is seen, the Azadars become irate in the distress of their Imam. The conviction of Islam is that on this day affliction is recollected alongside Hazrat Imam Hussain and 72 of his companions in the field of Karbala. Tazia is required out on this day. These Tajiyas are the reproduction of the burial places of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S.).

New Islamic Year

As per the Islamic schedule, the new Islamic year starts on the primary day of Muharram. Therefore, Muharram is the principal month of the year as per Islamic Calendar. As per the English schedule, the new Islamic year will begin on 10th August 2021. This Islamic year will be 1443.

What is Ashura?

The 10th day of the period of Muharram is called Ashura. It is viewed as perhaps the most shameful day in Islamic history.

When is Ashura 2021?

Ashura 2021 will fall on Thursday, 19 August, as it happens on the tenth day after the commencement of Muharram.

Significance of Muharram Festival

Shia Muslim Community sympathies with the demise of Hussein ibn Ali (R.A.), who brutally killed in the Karbala War (680 AD). The plain of Karbala is a renowned journey place in Iraq. Hussein ibn Ali battled with Yazid’s military till the end. Upon the arrival of Ashura, the daring penance of Hussain is recalled. It is affirmed that on this day (Ashura) Moses and his supporters conquered the Egyptian pharaoh.

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