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Meghan advises Oprah about her time as a princess

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Meghan said that royal life had contributed to suicidal impulses, and that the palace was concerned with how dark Archie’s skin was. And that she had been the target of “character assassination,” which drove her to self-harm.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, was driven to suicidal impulses by the burden of being under the spotlight, according to Prince Harry’s wife in an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday.

She said that she was the target of “character assassination” and that the stress drove her to self-harm.

Meghan stated emotionally that she was very embarrassed to say all that at the moment. Mainly because she was ashamed to confess all to Harry because she knew how much loss he’d been through. But yet she knew that if she didn’t say it, she would do it. And it was just because she didn’t want to be alive anymore.

Allegation regarding the Royal Family

Meghan also revealed a disturbing allegation regarding the royal family’s views on race during the wide-ranging interview, which aired on CBS. In the months leading up to their son Archie’s birth, Meghan and Harry were told that royal insiders have shared “concerns and discussions about how dark his skin could be when he is born,” according to Meghan.

“What?” gasped Winfrey, who was taken aback by the story.

Meghan stated that potentially and what it will entail or sound like.

Winfrey pressed Meghan to share addresses, but she refused.

She said that she believed it would be very harmful to them.

Harry admitted that he was asked about his son’s skin color. But he wouldn’t say who said it or when it happened.

She said that she would not disclose the chatting, but yet that was very surprising and uncomfortable. Moreover, she said in the confusion that she was not sure whether to share it or not.

Requests for comment on the interview were not immediately returned by Buckingham Palace or Kensington Palace, where Prince William is based.

Prince Harry did not reveal the person or individuals involved in discussions about Archie’s skin tone to Winfrey.

She did say, though, that the duke wanted her to know it “was neither his grandmother nor his grandparents,” referring to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

Meghan’s Sunday interview

Winfrey also revealed that about two hours of the interview were cut from the broadcast.

Meghan revealed in Sunday’s interview that a dispute with her sister-in-law Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, had brought her to tears before her wedding.

Months after the ceremony, tabloids accused Meghan of quarreling with Kate over flower girl costumes, which were said to have made Kate cry. Meghan acknowledged that there was a dispute but noted that she was the one who was weeping.

Also, Meghan stated with grief that it was hurting her feelings and making her cry.

Meghan, who refused to elaborate on the misunderstanding, said Kate apologized and also sent roses, putting the matter to rest.

She further clarified that she was not a brawl. And she thought it was not fair to her to discuss the matter after apologizing. Then she said that she had forgiven her. 

Besides, she said that it was tough to overcome being punished for something that she didn’t do.

Both Harry and Meghan denied that their decision to reduce their royal responsibilities caught the royal family off guard.

Harry said that he spoke with the Queen and Prince Charles and his grandmother and father many times about how the decision will be revealed. During the lengthy discussions, Charles “stopped answering my messages,” according to Harry.

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