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I’m constantly ignoring your pornographic conversation

August 20, 20221 Mins Read

Anchor Person Garida Farooqi Chief Minister Punjab Spokesman Shahbaz Gul Flare up, Garida Farooqi commented on a video on micro-blogging website Twitter. Another video of the Punjab Police’s achievements, Police officer misbehaves with another elder man, Mischievous and pushy. Is this video new? So now see how Punjab government of social media will take notice of it and get suspended.
pornographic conversation
Responding to this, Shahbaz Gul said I know this is new to many people That in the present government the tasks that are done in the pavements. In the past, that didn’t happen despite cutting back and forth. Within 15 minutes the action took place and action was taken against them Yes that’s right, this is a social media government and not an envelope.
Garida Farooqi got upset at this and said that Shahbaz Gul is better to restrain your conversation. And learn how to talk to women. I am constantly ignoring your inappropriate conversation. In the future I will file a complaint against you for such communication and use of language. Better avoid confusion. Thanks.

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