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How to unlock all of Cuphead hidden awards and achievement

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Secret accomplishments might be your worst nightmare if you’re a trophy or achievement hunter. There are many of games out there that need you to fulfil incredibly arbitrary requirements in order to unlock them, while some games do employ them appropriately by concealing plot spoilers. When it comes to hidden accomplishments, Cuphead is hardly the worst offender, but there are steps you must do in order to complete them. Here are all of Cuphead’s hidden trophies and accomplishments, along with instructions on how to obtain them.

All of Cuphead’s hidden accolades and awards
In Cuphead, there are a total of nine hidden trophies or milestones. The remaining two are unlocked through the Delicious Last Course DLC. Seven of them are in the base game. The majority of secret accomplishments offer you Gamerscore, but some of them give you nothing, which is disheartening. On PlayStation, you always receive at least a bronze award for your efforts.

Secrets to the major Cuphead game accomplishments
Bravo Zulu P-26 (Zero Gamerscore/Silver Award)
defeat a boss in the aircraft with just mini-bullets
Cutting Corners (Bronze Trophy, 10 Gamerscore)
Locate a shortcut (on the overworld map)
Low Roller (Silver Trophy/0 Gamerscore)
Get all of the game’s coins (all are located on the overworld map)
Pacifist (0 gaming points/Silver Award)
without ever defeating an enemy, complete every side-scrolling stage.
Rolling Sixes has a score of 0 and a silver trophy.
without taking a hit, defeat King Dice.
(0 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy) Selling Out
Before you engage in combat with the Devil, agree to deliver him the contracts.
Swing You Sinner (Silver Trophy/70 Gamerscore)
Conquer the Devil (main story completion)

The secret accomplishments of the Delicious Last Course DLC
As soon as we learn more about the awards for the PlayStation’s hidden trophies, we will update this post.

The Worst Night for a Curse (25 Gamerscore)
Get through the Nightmare (will update when we know exactly how to obtain this)
Paladin (50 Gamerscore)
Become very powerful (will update when we know exactly how to obtain this)

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