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At times you may feel that you have lost confidence in talking to a particular person, or you may start to panic before an important meeting. Such situations can happen to anyone and can be very stressful. But with a few simple steps, you can get out of the worst of the worst.

If you are just so nervous – here are some practical ways you can get out of a difficult situation.

Want to sneeze!

If you are in a meeting and sneezing while you do not want everyone to pay attention to your sneezing, use your tongue to stop the sneeze. Tickle for 10 seconds to prevent sneezing. The second way is to try to press your two front teeth with your tongue.

Lack of trust!

Turn your weird mood into lost confidence in moments of shame and panic from other people. Use your body language. Instead of looking away or down, look at each person in the group for at least 3 seconds. If somebody explains to you something, you can look at them for more than 3 seconds to clarify that you listen carefully.

 If you feel dizzy!

If you feel dizzy, anxious, or nervous, press the middle of your palm. It is a pressure point that you can use to get out of this situation.

 Panic before a meeting!

You feel pressure before an important meeting or event that can make you absent-minded. Tighten all the muscles of your face, shoulders, and arms. Make a fist and stretch your hands. Now calm down and take a deep breath, and you are ready for the meeting.

 Don’t shed tears!

It is a handy method when you feel very sensitive and does not want tears to come out of your eyes in front of people – look up for a few seconds and hold your breath. Then exhale slowly; this way, you will feel better.

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