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  • Highland Park police in connection with the gunshot at the July 4th parade.

Highland Park police in connection with the gunshot at the July 4th parade.

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A guy is detained by Highland Park police in connection with the gunshot at the July 4th parade.

According to authorities, a person of interest in the July Fourth mass shooting has been apprehended.

Several hours after the attack, Robert E. Crimo III was seen driving a silver Honda Fit in north Chicago. Crimo attempted to run when a policeman sought to “initiate a traffic stop,” according to Highland Park Police Chief Lou Jogmen in a briefing Monday night.

Crimo eventually surrendered after “a brief pursuit went on,” according to Jogmen, who added that he was “brought into jail without incident.”

Jogmen added that Crimo would be questioned by departmental investigators “to make sure or see whether, in fact, he is involved to this occurrence” and emphasised that the inquiry is progressing rapidly.

Jogmen refused to label Crimo a suspect at this point in the inquiry when prompted. The police chief claimed that further information was required in order to link him to the shooting that resulted in six fatalities and several injuries. Despite initial reports from officials that Crimo is 22, an FBI alert classified him as 21.

Adults made up five of the six assault victims who passed away at the site, according to a previous press conference by Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek. Families are currently being contacted that all five have been found.

At a nearby hospital, the sixth victim passed away. There was no more information given.
among the roughly twenty individuals sent to nearby hospitals. Gunshot wounds to the abdomen and limbs are among the wounds.

The “overwhelming majority” of the injured, according to NPR member station WBEZ, are being hospitalised for gunshot wounds. Some “suffered injuries as a result of the subsequent turmoil at the procession,” according to one report.

According to Schrage, the emergency workers reacted immediately, as did the bystanders who assisted in tying tourniquets.

From a rooftop, the shooter opened fire on the crowd.
According to Sgt. Christopher Covelli of the Lake County Major Crime Task Force, there is currently no indication that there were several shooters.

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is currently conducting an investigation into the shooter, who was on the roof of a company and fired a powerful weapon. They allegedly used a ladder that was fast fashion appears to the building but linked to an alley to get access to the roof.

The crime scene is still in progress, according to Highland Park Police Cmdr. Chris O’Neill, and authorities are demolishing nearby structures. People who took refuge in place are being taken to safety via evacuation.

Witnesses describe confusion, fear, and shock.
When Miles Zaremski first heard the gun is authorized by law, he thought they were fireworks or a car backfiring, according to NPR.

The crowd “started running in a stampede fashion” at that point, he continued.

“After moving cautiously a short distance, I suddenly noticed blood on the concrete. I then notice people lying in pools of blood and realise there has been a massacre.”

Zaremski claimed that although he hurried to assist, he was swiftly redirected away by police and emergency personnel who were on the site in a matter of seconds.


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