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The People of Pakistan possessing bank accounts in any of the banks in Pakistan are suggested to get themselves registered biometrically as soon as possible otherwise their accounts would be blocked by the end of the current month.

The State Bank of Pakistan has issued a notification to all the processing banks of Pakistan to inform their valuable customers for getting biometric verification till 31st of May.
Hence, following the instructions of the State Bank, all the banks are sending text messages to each of their clients holding accounts in the representative banks.
The SMS to be sent to the account holder seem alike below:

This message has been sent to the account holders throughout the country from their respective bank branches for the past few months to remind them of their biometric verification. Many people by understanding the worth of this text have already taken the step forward and got themselves registered while the others are still unable to discover the importance of the security of their accounts.
This action of biometric verification has been taken by the State Bank of Pakistan to avoid the risk of money laundering and get the terrorism funding to an end.
Therefore, the account holders including low-risk accounts, foreign currency accounts and bulk opening propositions (like salary accounts) have to be registered with NADRA to save the nation from all the evil acts.
Hence, it is being requested that those who are still away from the accomplishment of the process visit your concerned bank branch and get yourselves verified and registered biometrically by NADRA to save your identity and save the nation from the illegal acts.

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