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Government Was Taking Successful Measures to Address

August 23, 20223 Mins Read

The prime minister called locust attacks on crops a major problem for the country and called for readiness to monitor and eliminate locusts and remove all obstacles and difficulties in this regard. The prime minister Government  also directed the timely provision of the funds required and the implementation of a comprehensive strategy to eliminate locusts. In the meantime, the prime minister said Parliament was an institution of the aspirations of the masses and in the prevailing situation, it was imperative to keep it productive and functional.
Talking to National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser who called him here, the prime minister stressed that the government was taking successful measures to address the threat of coronavirus. He maintained that the Parliament was an organ of the aspirations of the people and in the prevailing situation it was imperative to keep Parliament productive and functional. He enjoyed the workings of the standing committees of the National Assembly via a video-link.
The Prime Minister said that the Government paid special attention to an effective agricultural policy and added that the agricultural sector should be promoted after particular budgetary priority had been issued. The NA speaker said standing committee meetings were being held via video-link to make Parliament successful in the prevailing situation. Meanwhile, in consultations with Eleme, Prime Minister Imran Khan has guided preparing a detailed roadmap for Ramadan’s holy month.
Speaking to Harmony Per Noro Haq Quadra, Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith, the prime minister said next week he will hold personal meetings with Eleme and religious scholars. We also addressed specifics of President Arid Alva’s scheduled meeting tomorrow, with religious scholars. Imran Khan also said he was devastated by the death reports of many Pakistanis living and working abroad who had fallen victim to the COVID-19 while others died serving on the frontline of the global war against the pandemic. The Prime Minister said in tweets: “I am saddened by the news of the deaths of countless Pakistanis living and working abroad who fell victim to COVID19. Many died while fighting in the front line of the COVID19 global war. My condolences and prayers go out to their families.’
He also prayed for those still battling COVID-19 to recover early. He wrote, “For the early recovery of those still battling COVID19, my prayers too. All is in our prayers. We can never forget you all, far from Pak, who continue to be proud of us and are our greatest asset, playing a vital role in the growth of Pak through remittances and charitable work.

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