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Facebook, Google and Twitter to do more to combat fake news

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Facebook, Google and Twitter to do more to combat fake news
The European Commission encouraged Facebook, Google’s Alphabet, Twitter, and other tech rivals to work harder to be more effective, two years after committing to a self-regulatory code of practise to combat misinformation. False news about COVID-19 has speeded up demands on social media to be more involved in the battle against the problem.
In an attempt to stave off further heavy-handed oversight, the firms, including Mozilla and advertising industry trade groups, signed up to the code in 2018. The community was joined subsequently by Microsoft and TikTok. The European Commission encouraged, after an assessment of its first year of service, there are some deficiencies in the law, the commission said, according to a Reuters report.
These can be grouped into four general categories: inconsistent and imperfect implementation of the code across platforms and Member States, lack of common definitions, the presence of many lacunae in the scope of code obligations, and shortcomings inherent in the self-regulatory structure of the code, the study said.
The Vice President of the Commission for Principles and Accountability, Vera Jourova, has called for further measures to tackle emerging threats. “As we encounter new challenges and players as well, the time is ripe to go forward and suggest new actions. Platforms need to become more transparent and responsible. Among others, they need to open up and have more access to the data, “said Jourova, The European Commission encouraged.
The European Commission Jourova is actively working on a European Action Plan for Democracy to render government more resilient to digital challenges. The commission is also expected to introduce new legislation by the end of the year, dubbed the Digital Communications Act, which would expand the responsibility and accountability of social media for advertising on its sites.
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