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Eat Almonds to Look Younger

August 20, 20221 Mins Read

Everyone wants to look younger, the appearance of facial deformities can be quite unpleasant with age, want to get rid of them So start using almonds from today.

New research from the University of California has revealed That eating a handful of almonds on a daily basis can get rid of facial wrinkles. The report was published in the US National Institute of Health That 28 women with highly sensitive skin were included in the study the skin of these women was so sensitive that they were soon affected or irritated by the sun’s rays, the age range of women was between 50 and 55 years.

In this 16-week study, these older women were instructed to eat almonds daily the report reportedly resulted in 16 weeks of continuous use of almonds There was a clear reduction in wrinkles on the skin of these women While eating almonds did not result in any adverse effects on them.

Almonds contain high amounts of fatty acids and antioxidants, according to researchers, and ‘serum lipids’ are also available to better utilize these two ingredients. Eating almonds on a daily basis can prevent the effects of old age on the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

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