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Draymond Green’s shocking response to the Warriors parade debacle

September 22, 20222 Mins Read

The Golden State Warriors parade are gearing up for another championship celebration. The Dubs will be celebrating their fourth NBA Finals in the last eight years. They should be seasoned party goers at this point.

However, it was recently announced that no public speeches or rallies will be held before to the parade by Warriors players. According to Kylen Mills of Kron4 News, some players will give speeches remotely that will be broadcast.

Draymond Green reacted to the news, and it’s safe to say he wasn’t pleased:

Draymond Green is a member of TNT’s basketball media crew and hosts a podcast. He enjoys talking about sports and is not shy about expressing his thoughts. Green has shown an interest in speaking during the Warriors’ title parade.

Green has been a crucial part of Golden State’s jigsaw for many years. He has appeared in all four of the team’s NBA Finals triumphs. Although Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are lauded for their long-range shooting prowess, Green is probably the team’s most important player. His defensive tenacity and offensive selflessness have been crucial to the Warriors’ success.

As a result, winning four championships in eight years means a little more to him. Don’t be shocked if Dray gets a microphone and manages to speak at this Warriors parade, because he wants to air his grievances and, more importantly, he wants more trash talk.

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