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September 5, 20224 Mins Read

People face one or the other medical problem daily and keenly look for easy and rapid action solutions. Here are a few everyday medical issues with the domestic solution.

 Weak Eyesight

If your eyesight is weak, then eating a pinch of fennel, almonds daily at bedtime will make your vision sharper.

Weak Memory

To improve memory, grind a little pepper and three or four almonds and eat it. In a few days, the power of memory will sharpen.

Sore Throat

Berry bark 135 grams Pomegranate bark 35 grams Boil in a liter of water and filter and rinse with this water two or three times a day. Do not drink water immediately after eating fruit; otherwise, it will cause a sore throat.


Eating at least ten figs a day can make lean people obese.

Ear Pain

If there is water in the ear due to earache, water will come out just by walking on the wrong foot (Olive oil or white flower oil). We mix the weight and put a few drops in the ear, and the pain will disappear.

Dry Head

In a pot, take enough water to get into your hair. Add a few drops of Dettol to this water, then apply this water well to the scalp hair’s roots, and after ten minutes, wash the hair with plain water. Will end


For toothache, you must brush daily with a right toothbrush in the morning and the evening, and if you have a toothache, press a piece of ginger into your teeth or a clove. Rinse with it. This way, the inflammation caused by toothache will be eliminated.

Cleaning the Neck

Boil a lemon peel in about half a cup of water and cool it. Now mix four tablespoons of a basin or the same amount of barley flour and a pinch of turmeric in it to make a paste. Massage the neck with it and wash it with water. Then mix a few drops of rose liqueur in cream and apply it continuously for a week. It removes the ink from the neck.

Black Marks on the Feet

After washing the feet, divide one lemon into two pieces. Divide the lentils and apply barley flour and massage the feet to absorb the lemon juice in the feet.

If the body is burnt, grind green coriander and apply it well on the burnt area, there will be no blemishes, there will be no burning sensation.


Those who have to bleed will not have bleeding again by dripping a drop of fresh lemon juice in both nostrils at any time or after the bleeding has stopped.

Smooth Skin

For oily skin- prepare a mask by mixing one tablespoon of lemon juice in a basin and two teaspoons of rose liqueur and wash your face after ten minutes.

Stomach Upset

If you are suffering from cholera or vomiting, the level of essential salts in the blood is also reduced, and then one solution is to drink the salty water left over after boiling the rice. According to the University of Nottingham experts, rice contains carbohydrates, which enter the body and take sugar and become absorption mechanisms in the stomach, helping digest water and salt. At the same time, this drink also provides energy. For this, boil the rice in salted water, cool it by collecting it in something, and keep drinking it throughout the day.

Half a Headache

If you have a migraine, try Aloe Vera, it has several ingredients that lower cholesterol levels and have anti-inflammatory properties. Still, some medical experts say that it is a headache and migraine headaches. It is also suitable for pain, and it helps in relaxing the muscles. For this, apply Aloe Vera gel on the hands and face while its aroma can considerably reduce the pain.

Dry Skin

Try oatmeal in case of dry skin or itching. According to medical experts, oatmeal contains chemicals that reduce itching while the oil provides moisture to the skin. Fill the porridge in a cloth and hang it with a tap. After the water passes through it and falls into the bucket, take a bath with it.


Lemons are great to prevent the appearance of new nail pimples as well as for skin transparency. Dip cotton wool in lemon juice, press it on the nail pimples and wash it off with cold water.

Skin Peeling or Scratching

If the skin is scratched or peeled, vinegar helps keep the blood flowing smoothly on the skin’s surface. For this, dip a strip of cloth in vinegar and leave it on the affected area for 20 minutes. Repeat the same!

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