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4 Coorg homes and villas provide rich local experience

September 9, 20225 Mins Read

Coorg Homes and Villas

Trawl forests and verdant landscapes, the air is filled with the sweet aroma of coffee and breathtaking views, all of which and much more will impress you.
Coorg was an autonomous prefecture with a rich cultural and historical background until 1956 (when it merged with Karnataka). Although this place is now in a picturesque area in the hills of the state, its unique culture and special traditions are what it maintains. This is a vacation that will take you from the hotel to your Coorg home stay, meeting people and enjoying warm hospitality.

1. Abbydhama Home Station

In a peaceful setting, Abbydhama Estate Homestay offers pleasant accommodation in the picturesque village of Coorg, in the peaceful setting of an original coffee farm. They are equipped with all necessary comfort facilities and precautions to ensure that you live comfortably in modern bungalows and traditional houses. When you are here, expect a warm welcome, humble staff and delicious home cooking. Abbey Falls is only 4 kilometers away.
What about Miss : Take a dip in the swimming pool with mountain views and spend a quiet night in a nearby tree house.

2. Coorg Homestay Silver Brook Estate

The charming and particularly comfortable Silver Brook Estate is located in the middle of lush green coffee plantations. Take a walk around the plantation and observe the pepper grapes with silver oak trees. This Coorg residence is beautifully built, traditionally decorated in Kodagu style, and features outdated doors and windows. Which is the best? Which is the best? This charming house also has WiFi-your Instagram story will not get lost in the world!
 Don’t miss: choose fresh fruits from a variety of fruit trees.

3. The 4 Seasons Homestay

4 Seasons homestay is located on the top of a hill in Coorg Gateway Kushalnagar, overlooking the town of Coorgi. The rooms here are spacious and well maintained, and provide all necessary facilities. The host is friendly and the staff is helpful and attentive. They also offer traditional Coorgi food, but you must order at least three hours in advance. The residence also provides other services such as WiFi and car guide.
 Not to be missed: Ayurvedic massage for relaxation.

 4. BC Homes

BC Homes is located in the heart of the mighty Coog Range, providing a fun and peaceful environment. The area is surrounded by tropical rain forests in the valley, with spectacular views of coffee and cardamom plantations and rice fields, as well as many streams that run through the area. The Home also offers a variety of outdoor activities for hiking and nature walks, perfect for the homeless!
Not for Miss: The perfect combination of South Indian and Coorgi cuisine. In addition to the coffee plantations and rice fields,
Coorg has several beautiful sights that you should not miss when you are there. Other places are worth visiting:

  • Nam Zhuolin Temple
  • Dubare Elephant Training Ground
  • Tirupur Waterfall
  • Brama Giri Peak.

Discover your nature vacation in the best village in Coorg

Why do people travel to Coorg? To enjoy the South Asian climate and relax, explore every nook and cranny, from Onkareshwar Temple to Kadumbuttu (rice balls) and Pandi curry during Kailpoud, from Onkareshwar Temple to Kalbane Jemmegond Palace.
While on vacation in Kodagu, one thing most travelers don’t understand is that a pleasant vacation is good for your health. In the embrace of nature, Coorg Country can provide you with stressful time and quality time with your loved ones.
There is nothing worse than spending a vacation in a remote and expensive hotel among annoying tourists and traveling friends. For this reason, we recommend Coorg’s private villas, where you can relax alone in remote areas.
Attention, this is the first choice for Coorg Villas.

The five villas that Coorg wants most-can’t help but book!

 Copper Mountain Villa

A well-designed villa with architectural drawings, green spaces and nearby coffee plantations. It is close to Raja Seat, Abbi Falls, the city and Madikeri Fort, which are two of the most popular tourist attractions in Karnataka. The property is located in a forest with beautiful landscapes that include hibiscus, rose bushes and water lilies. Since 2015, this place has been serving guests. Most importantly, they offer a delicious vegetarian breakfast and great coffee – Arabica coffee is the same as Robusta coffee!

 Kingston Coorg Holiday Village

It seems this place was designed for the king’s life. Fortunately, it lives up to its name. This magnificent country house features an outdoor lounge and dining area and is located approximately 15 km from the Chelavara Falls. Free breakfast, makeup, private seating, a playground, and a well-kept garden add value to your vacation.

 Coorg Live In

Madikeri Cottage A relaxing view can be enjoyed from the balcony surrounded by lush greenery. The hotel has a private lobby, garden and laundry room to provide you with a comfortable lodging environment. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit Omkareshwara Temple, Abbi Waterfall, Madikeri Fort, Raja Seat, and other nearby attractions while on vacation at the village.

 Cooge Mountain Villa

Cooge Mountain Villa, as you can see from its name, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the surrounding mountains and countryside. Luxury hotels offer private balconies, family rooms, Wi-Fi, and vegetarian snacks. For families, this is a perfect vacation destination.

 Ammathi Homestay

Coorg Located in a coffee farm, this beautiful cottage is the perfect place to stay in the middle of nature. Painted in soft green and silver tones, it is an ideal place for a group of friends to relax. The resort provides guests with free breakfast. It includes a private seating area, parking, electricity, seats and mosquito nets. You can explore.

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