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Chevron Pakistan is working with Careem to promote captains

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Chevron Pakistan Lubricants and Careem have reported a partnership that will help ride-hailing companies and their consumers during these tough times triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Chevron is working with Careem to deliver enticing oil change packages to Careem captains at participating Caltex Oil Change facilities throughout Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.
This arrangement would reduce the financial risk to captains employed to deliver ride-hailing services to the public throughout the pandemic. The signing ceremony for the strategic alliance was attended by Chevron Pakistan Chairman and Region Company President, Ahmed Zahid Zaheer, Careem CEO and Country Manager Zeeshan Hasib Baig, as well as other top officials from the respective firms.
Commenting on the event, Zaheer said: “Culture, collaboration and success are at the center of everything we do and Careem’s customer-focused ideals represent our own, and we look forward to working together.‚ÄĚChevron is known for its world-class goods and services in the lubrication industry and also aims to introduce creative approaches to the sector.”
In this regard, Baig said: “Captains are at the core of what we do at Careem, and we admire and respect their selfless devotion to our consumers and societies in these extraordinary times. Taking care of our captains, both financially and physically, is one of our goals.
“This partnership with Chevron Pakistan will allow our captains to make use of a host of attractive packages required to run their vehicles smoothly.” Chevron Pakistan has moved from the adoption of work-from – home programs to the development of appropriate precautionary steps at its plant to flexible methods of reacting to the coronavirus pandemic.
Workers and tourists to Chevron Pakistan were not only advised to exercise distancing, but the routine sanitization and disinfection of the facility, coupled with frequent health updates, helped to maintain a healthy and respectful working atmosphere.

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