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Blue World City the Future Housing Society

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The ideal place:

Blue World City seems to be the ideal place to call home with endless opportunities; if you are looking for a home place, then look no further than blue world city, which is situated close to the Chakri Interchange on the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 Motorway; this project is Pakistan’s first housing society that will be established with the cooperation with Chinese. This is a profitable project built by the investors of the Chinese. The most reasonable payment plans and a fantastic choice for looking to invest or buy. They aim to make Pakistan’s most prominent economic center with top-notch facilities. This blue world city is considered Pakistan’s first Pak China-welcoming city.

The fantastic combination of advanced standards and modern infrastructure made this project outstanding compared to the rest of societies. The blue world city location is nearly close to the Chakri road, from the twin cities, and near access to Islamabad International Airport.

BGC Builders:

This project is owned by the well-known blue group of Companies, Saad Nazeer, the sole owner of this project; the company was founded in Lahore and established in 1998. This company gets famous about their successful projects are as follow:

  • PIA Cooperative housing society center Park Lahore
  • Blue Town Sapphire 
  • Blue Mart 
  • Blue Technology

China Collaboration:

This project is established in the twin city with the collaboration of the Chinese. Currently, Shan Jian Municipal Engineering owns the development responsibility of blue world city. Chinese invested first in Pakistan in the housing project, with the perspective of International based design with ultra-modern amenities. In the future, it will become the best place for tourists.

Legalized scheme:

Firstly, any society needs to be legal, and authenticity is their initial procedure, so the blue world city NOC is legally approved by the concerned authority, RDA. This new decision was announced on December 11, 2021. This mega society has finally started its development procedure.

Project strategy:

This project strategy is to provide the high-end facilities with world-class amenities and necessities where anyone can feel comfortable; the fantastic scenic views will surely attract the tourist, especially the replica of Turkey’s famous blue mosque, the Rumi’s Square, water theme park, world’s tallest horse Mascot, spacious place, wide carpeted roads and much more. They aim to cater to all the needs of inhabitants with an extravagant and luxurious lifestyle.

File Verification:

Blue world city offers first-time file verification through the online system. Verification for any documentation is a crucial part of any housing scheme. Now you can easily verify the blue world city files in just a few minutes and book your plot.

The following method of file verification is given below:

  • You can directly contact the head office of blue world city
  • On their website, you can check blue world city’s online verification
  • You may verify the file of blue world city online. Just open the website of Blue World City and go ahead.

This process will assure you to not loss prevention and will become secure about the legal status of the property.

Blue world city App:

The blue world has become more advanced and provides the facility on your smartphone to download the meticulous blue world city app, which will keep you up to date about the new offers, installment plans, work, and new projects launched like the blue world trade center and much more. Now the easy way to connect with blue world city will surely provide you with the best service 24/7.

A bliss Manufacture:

The rapidly growing meticulous city is the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. To accommodate for the invasion of people, the government deliberate to develop a new-fangled city, the tremendous blue world city, with different innovations and latest technologies, and becomes bliss manufacture for all; your dreams come true in this luxurious place with all the ultra-modern technologies that one could hope for, the commercial hubs, health care center, schools, and recreational parks and refreshing views make this city more distinct and calmer.

Division of blocks:

The blue world city is divided into different blocks; each block has its specialty, the legal and authentic place to book your plots without any scam deceit. The payment plan of plots is different according to their blocks; all the blocks have distinct features and separate zones for residential and commercial properties. The Blue world city does not offer a specific quota for the general or the public workers. This lavish project was planned and designed by qualified architects and professionals.

The most mesmerizing Waterfront block:

The most noticeable block in the entire housing scheme is the waterfront; the marvelous views are primarily constructed for those inhabitants who want to enjoy the soothing views. First comes -first served basis plots, so grab the plot first and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle.

Luxurious Farmhouses:

Living a stressful and monotonous life can be irresistible; the stressful life can negatively impact your physical and mental health. Now blue world city offers a tranquil vicinity far away from the hustle and bustle of life in urban; pick up this farm elegant and wonderful society; the breath-taking views of blue hills farmhouses enhance the beauty. Spend your leisure time with nature far away from noisy city life.

Overseas Block:

The amazing distinct place for the overseas Pakistani that is solely intended location for the foreign the perfect place to live with lavish facilities, the best chance for the overseas Pakistani to make the investment plans at an affordable price. The overseas block offers a limited number of plots at commercial sites. They aim to create an international-based society with meticulous amenities and attractive, appealing views. This society provides the same way to live in Pakistan.

Executive Block:

The reliable resources gathered the info about launching the new executive block. The venue of this block of Blue World Citywill be announced soon, but the payment plan of this block has already been introduced. This block will show the extravagance full of luxurious facilities. This block offers the chance for the average one to live in your dream home at a very affordable price. The different sizes of plots are available in 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 20 Marla within the reasonable easy installments of 4 years program.

Awami Housing Complex:

The recent addition of the new Awami block in the Blue World City. This block of BWC is splitted into different units like duplex, independent, and single units. All these units are well equipped with meticulous amenities and splendid with their scenic views of the society; they aim to provide upscale amenities, sustainable infrastructure, and a comfortable environment.

Awami block is being developed to reach the high demands and budget for a reasonable housing society. This block is established as a single or duplex unit with a friendly budget process of construction with the most advance and high quality that was never compromised. This Awami block in the blue world seems to be the most cost-effective housing block.

The following categories of Awami blocks in blue world city:

  • Family apartments 830 Sq.ft
  • The family apartment its measuring 550 Sq.ft
  • The studio Apartment its measuring 375 Sq.ft\

Duplex villas:

This fantastic duplex villa with ultra-advanced features, placed at the Awami block, is established with modern amenities and convinces in this area. It is vast and spacious for inhabitants; the significant factor is affordable for every person.

The following categories of villas are divided based on their size and a respective location.

  • Ground floor 675 Sq.ft
  • 1st floor 675 Sq.ft
  • 2nd floor 675 Sq.ft

Orbital Apartments:

The new feature was launched in the blue world city. The lavish, fully equipped orbital apartments provide a premium lifestyle. You love to watch its scenic views, the magnificent water theme park, the world’s tallest Horse Mascot, the splendid orbital avenue 208 feet wide, and the lush green gardens. The marvelous place for your loved ones and orbital apartments themselves defines the concept of magnificence and luxuries.

Apartments amenities:

  • Penthouse apartments
  • Speedy Elevators
  • Multi-story Luxury Apartments
  • Thematic Interior
  • Breath-taking views of lush greens
  • Thematic Interior
  • Exquisite Atrium
  • Concierge facility
  • Gym, Spa, Indoor Swimming Pool
  • 24/7 Maintenance
  • Power supply 24/7

Future Outlook:

In the future, the blue world city aims to become Islamabad’s first meticulous city; their developmental process becomes the dream living place. This society has the most exciting features at a low cost with excellent facilities. The blue world city developmental phase is growing fast with modern infrastructure. It will surely provide a high-quality luxury life to its residents. If you want to invest you can invest with Brownstone Marketing, be the first to get the opportunity, and book your plot.


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