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Anti-Pakistan films are creating hate

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Film star Mehwish Hayat says anti-Pakistani films are arousing hatred We have to respond to Indian films and remove the misunderstanding of the West on Pakistan. According to details, actress Mehwish Hayat spoke at the ARY News program India oppresses Pakistanis around the world by making anti-Pakistan films despite the oppression of KashmirisWe need to answer this and bring a successful history.
Anti-Pakistan films are creating hate
Mahesh Hayat says international fans should get on their radar were they would see our plays on a channel Our plays are very good, Just content needs attention. The actress said we need to make plays like Alfredo and Charlie and show the women strings in their plays.
India has shown self-esteem in the West, says Mehwish Hayat, And Pakistan offers Cologne makingWe did not know the power of cinema. We all need to work on it jointly We have to remove the misunderstanding of the West on Pakistan.
Remember that actress Mahesh Hayat reacted to Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra’s statements and suggested Please think before they talk on any serious issue And instead of spreading hatred in Pakistan and India, teach humanity and peace.
Mehwish Hayat admits that Pakistani films also do not focus on humanity and peace. The film industry of Pakistan and India should make films on topics like peace and humanity.
She added that there are many topics that can be worked on But Bollywood should work on topics other than terrorism and hatred.

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