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Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley are no longer together

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Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley are no longer together and have called off their engagement.

When Aaron Rodgers was crowned NFL MVP in February 2021, he revealed his surprise engagement to Shailene Woodley in his victory speech. Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley are married.

A source close to Rodgers confirms to PEOPLE that the NFL quarterback, 38, and the actress, 30, are no longer together, little over a year after he announced their engagement.

“It was a friendly breakup; it just wasn’t working,” adds the insider. “They’re two very different people with extremely busy lives, and there were challenges they couldn’t overcome. They’ll stay friends; there’s no bad blood or drama between them. They just couldn’t make it work.”
Woodley’s representative has yet to respond. Rodgers’ representative declined to comment. InTouch was the first.

Rodgers faced flak for his vaccination status in November 2021, after it was revealed that he tested positive for the coronavirus. When questioned if he had taken the COVID-19 vaccination, he informed the media in August of last year that he had been “immunised” amid growing NFL protocols for the 2021 season. Rodgers, though, acknowledged that he was unvaccinated during an interview on the Pat McAfee Show on Nov. 5. Woodley condemned “disparaging” comments against Rodgers the same month.
Woodley announced their engagement on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in late February 2021, playfully telling the late-night host that she never imagined she’d grow up to marry someone who “throws.”

The Green Bay Packers quarterback then spoke about his happiness with Woodley in March of last year. He added at the time, “I’m recently engaged, so I’ve been enjoying that aspect of my life.” “Clearly, that is the finest thing that has occurred to me in the past year.”

They were spotted out for dinner with friends in Arkansas in late March, for the first time since the news of their engagement surfaced. Soon later, Rodgers and Woodley were sighted at Walt Disney World on their most PDA-filled outing as a pair.
Many people were surprised to learn of their affair, since Rodgers and Woodley’s low-key connection grew stronger in their quarantine bubble throughout the COVID-19 epidemic.

The two were rarely seen together as the world opened up and his NFL season neared.

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“There isn’t any wedding planning going on. There is no hurry. We’re not in any hurry, “In a July 2021 interview with Entertainment Tonight, she said.

Rodgers told Haute Living in September 2021 that they were focused on work apart.

“Because she has a hectic work schedule, [my choice] occurred at an excellent moment for both of us to focus on our job. It’ll be beneficial, in my opinion “He informed the “I mean, her workplace was closed for a full year, and she’s already scheduled a lot of projects; she appreciates working and having her own routine, which I obviously enjoy as well.”

A source told PEOPLE earlier this year that the two frequently “agree to disagree” on topics where they don’t agree. “They don’t talk about their politics, and they never have,” the person explained. “They disagreed on a number of topics, but they chose early on to agree to disagree and not dispute.”

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