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Workers who are doing work in the office  Alarming Situation

August 20, 20222 Mins Read

People who work in offices, their health is often deteriorating, but now scientists have proved this by research People who Workers in offices have been surprised. He says people who work in offices If they do not have a comfortable environment in their office So in 20 years their health has had amazing effects.
office Alarming Situation
Experts say that people working in offices lose their jobs after a while. Scientists asked more than 3,000 men and women working in the research process and came up with different conclusions.

In the survey, 50% of respondents said that their eyes were scratched, 49% waist circumference, 48% had a headache, 45% had neck and leg cramps, 30% had wrist discomfort, 23% had hip problems, 15% complained of swelling in the legs and 14% complained of ankle discomfort.

A female image was created taking into account all aspects by which it tried to show How do you see people Workers in the office 20 years later. This image was named Emma the woman’s shoulders are bent over and his skin is pale and his eyes are prone to irritation It looks like this woman has been ill for many years.

Experts say employees working in the office do not have the mental and physical comfort available they have such adverse effects on their health who change their personality.

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