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Rani Bagh, women park in Karachi spreads over about an area of 1 acre in north Nizamabad block h, Karachi.

This park once was the most beautiful place to get peace in relaxation. Natural beauty was spread all over. It was filled with greenery and charming flower everywhere that attracted even by the passing by.

But today the situation is opposite as the park has transformed into a garbage bin. Due to the lack of attention and proper management once a beauty has now remained just an ugly place. It has completely damaged nothing there is in a stable condition. The swings are rusted and broken, fountains, water supply, electric, and sewage lines are damaged. Instead, trash and dirty water are stored in the place which cause many diseases for the residents.

But as it is that said better late than never. Fortunately, the social media has put some glance over the current situation of the park via a video and has filed a request for the stability of this asset of Karachi.

This is to be noticed that this area of Karachi is also the residential area of a famous TV actor and anchor Dr. Shaista Lodhi.

women park
It has been reported that currently, Dr. Shaista has also visited the park along with Rehan Hashmi, the central chairman of district Municipal Corporation.

Rehan Hashmi came along on the request for the restoration of the park that Dr. Shaista had sent via her twitter account earlier.

Whom the municipal corporation center considered and visited the park. They also announced to take some measures for the renovation of the park.

Listening to this, the residents of North Nazimabad specially the women have expressed hope and the feelings of joy.

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