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  • WHOU 100.1 FM fired two Canadian radio telecasters for ‘body-disgracing’ basketball players!

WHOU 100.1 FM fired two Canadian radio telecasters for ‘body-disgracing’ basketball players!

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WHOU 100.1 FM ‘s two presenters, a local radio station in Maine, Canada, were fired earlier this week (on January 13) after allegedly body-shaming two female basketball players for “being overweight.” Their words ridiculing the two sports women were turned into a competition between Central Aroostook and Easton high schools.
Later, listeners protested to the radio station, claiming that such “derogatory statements” might “damage athletes’ self-esteem.” The station chose to terminate the employment of two presenters who had previously served as high school coaches as a consequence of the allegations.
Fred Grant, the radio station’s owner, apologized on behalf of the broadcasters in a message posted on Facebook. “While it’s unfortunate that it happened, I’m going to urge every one of you to help us change the spotlight back on the quality we witness every day in our children,” he added. I’m hoping you’ll take down the video post if you’ve shared it, not to minimize the occurrence, but to better assist all of our kids in moving on to the important work and events in their life.”
WHOU 100.1 FM
WHOU 100.1 FM has thousands of fans and has been covering the local sports scene in Maine for over a decade. Many individuals praised the radio station for acting quickly.

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