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Whitepay uses cryptocurrency for electronic shop purchases

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Whitepay uses cryptocurrency for electronic shop purchases

Whitepay has made virtual tokens accessible as a means of payment for electronics and other things. The largest electronics stores in Ukraine now accept cryptocurrency payments thanks to a Fintech firm controlled by the country’s virtual asset exchange, Whitebit.

This is often used at electronic stores like Tehnoezh and Stylus. Now Stylus’ numerous customers, who make up the majority of its online shoppers in Ukraine, can choose to pay with cryptocurrencies. Customers will find it simpler to pay for their products using 130 different virtual tokens thanks to the new technology. Soon, more people will start using virtual tokens.

At selected Whitepay Point of Sale terminals, customers can now pay with virtual tokens in a tangible manner. Whitepay will help customers and keep the system working as part of the development. In the meantime, Ukraine has emerged as a major player in the cryptocurrency industry. In terms of innovation and adoption of cryptocurrencies, the nation is a force to be reckoned with in Eastern Europe. The public in Ukraine has recently shown a positive interest in cryptocurrencies.

The government paid increased attention to cryptocurrency during the ongoing conflict with Russia. To stave off the advancing Russian soldiers, both public and private organizations have created a number of campaigns that have drawn cryptocurrency donations. The Ukrainian government has moreover made repeated attempts to efficiently control the industry. Despite the violence, this method has considerably assisted the growth of crypto in the region.

Whitebit also made major contributions to the wellbeing of Ukrainians throughout the war. The exchange platform and the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

In the MOC, Whitebit will aid Ukraine’s Anti-Crisis Center and support refugees via the board of its representative office. Binance helped Ukrainian refugees during the invasion as well. The largest bitcoin exchange in the world provided special cards to those who were uprooted by the invasion.

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