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September 22, 20223 Mins Read

Water – the clinical component of living- keeps the human body dehydrated to survive better.

The human body comprises water, with about 75% in young ones and about 55% in the elders. Thus, due to a continuous drop-off of water, preserving water homeostasis is crucial because it is the most abundant molecule inside a cell.

Water and the Human Health

Water is tremendously essential for the human health; below are some of its effective health benefits:

Carries oxygen throughout the body

In a human body, blood oxygen is all around the body, and this blood is approximately 90% higher than water.

Joints’ lubricator

There is about 80% water in the cartilage that is present in joints and the discs of the spine. A deficiency of water in the joints can cause the joints to reduce their shock-absorbing ability, resulting in joint pain. Thus, it behaves as a lubricator for the joints.

Maintains blood pressure

Water imbalance in the body can be a big reason to thicken the blood, causing the blood pressure to shoot high.

Makes saliva and mucus  

One of the functions of the water that we drink is to produce saliva. The saliva is helpful in food digestion and maintaining the wetness of the mouth, nostrils, and eyes. As a result, they are safe from any damage or friction.

Moreover, drinking water helps our mouth to be clean and controls the tooth cavity when absorbed rather than sugary beverages.

Enables the health & beauty of skin

Water is an essential element not only for the inner body part but also for the healthy outer skin. The more you keep your body hydrated, the more your skin glows. In contrast, dehydration can cause you to lose the health and beauty of your skin, leaving it to be greater liable to pores and skin disorders and premature wrinkling.

Protects the brain, spinal cord, & other delicate tissues

The brain and spinal cord control the entire body. Therefore, any minor default in these body parts can disturb the whole body function. It also carries an important role here, as its deficiency can highly influence the characteristics and structure of the mind.

Hydration is vital in the production of neurotransmitters and hormones. Thus, vast dehydration can result in many issues like thinking and reasoning.

Helps to digest

The digestion in our body relies on water to a greater extent. The bowel – one of the parts of our digestive system responsible for digesting the intaken food – carries out its function properly only in the presence of water. 

Whereas dehydration can be a reason for issues like digestive problems, constipation, and an overly acidic stomach. Resulting in an increased risk of heartburn and stomach ulcers.

Protects the kidneys from harm

Water for kidneys is the most common health prevention a school-going kid might be well aware of.

Our kidneys are in charge of regulating fluid in the body. If there is a lack of water in the kidney, it can result in kidney stones and other complications.

Wipe the excrement

Sweating, as well as the elimination of urine and faeces, also needs water.

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