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Viral Pictures Of Yasir Hussain And Iqra Aziz

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Yasir Hussain told the reality of the pictures that went viral with Iqra Aziz, So far, my life has been voluntary And I’ll do the same.
Iqra Aziz
In front of the world at the Lux Style Awards ceremony, Yasir Hussain proposed Iqra Aziz the discussion stops now. Now both actresses’ engagement images on social media have gone viral In the picture, Yasir and Iqra are wearing a necklace of flowers.
Salaam. Yeh tasweeren Feb mai hui baatpakkikihain .Mangniaap log angoothipehnany ko kehtyhaintohwoh sari dunya k samnykia. Lekinaap logon ne merizindagi ko subject bana k study karnashurukardiahai us se aap logon kifaraghatbharizindagi ka bakhoobiandaza ho rahahai. Doston I’m in love and alhamdulillah I’m happy. Aap log Khush ho ya Jal k kukkar ban jao,dilmaiburasamjhoyaPagal ho k Sarak pe nikaljao. Mai ne ab takbhiapnizindagiapnimarzi se guzarihaiauraagybhiaisy hi karonga. Khushyonmaishareekhonaseekhen ..Khushrahengy. Love you all ❤️Aur awards pe iqra is liyeHeranthi k usynahipatatha k maiitny logon k samnyusyangothipehnaonga .Ps : @zaranoorabbas.officialaur @asadsidofficial ab tum wohphoolongajronwali pics na hi nikalnawarna log khaengyshadibhi Feb maigi ho gai thi 🤣 awaam full spy mood 🕵🏼‍♂️ maichalrahihai
A post shared by Yasir Hussain (@yasir.hussain131) on Jul 31, 2019 at 3:58am PDT
On the other hand, Yasir Hussain came out in the field regarding viral image and he denied his engagement and said that this picture was not of engagement. Engagement When you ask people to wear a ring, they wear it in front of the world.
Viral Pictures Of Yasir Hussain And Iqra Aziz
Yasir Hussain also said that you guys have started commenting on the subject of my life and that you have a good idea about your free life. And so far the talk is of the Lux Style Award So there Iqra was surprised because she did not know that I would ring it in front of so many people He also said I have spent my whole life in my style And I’ll do the same.

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