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Umbrella Academy Season 3 ending explained (Spoilers)

September 22, 20227 Mins Read

After literally years of anticipation, The Umbrella Academy season 3 has finally come!

The third season of the show opens off just where we left off, with the Sparrows and Umbrellas engaged in combat. The Hargreeves learn that their familiar world has undergone a significant transformation after preventing the end of the world for the second time.
In particular, Reginald Hargreeves adopted a whole separate batch of super-powered children born on October 1, 1989, ergo the Sparrows, because he was so disappointed by the Hargreeves when he ran into them in the past.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 spoilers after the jump

There may be many various threads to follow in terms of the show’s several narratives due to the season’s numerous turns, particularly those involving time travel. It’s reasonable that you would want some clarification on how everything ends, especially now that the Sparrows have been introduced to this season, where there are even more personalities to keep track of.
Season three of The Umbrella Academy: How do the sparrows fare?
The Sparrow Academy doesn’t actually endure very long despite all the hype. By the halfway point of the season, the most of the Sparrows have passed away, and Sloane and Ben are the only ones to survive.

Actually, Sloane’s fate is left unresolved at the conclusion; the only thing we can be certain of is that Ben is still alive. Harlan kills Jayme and Alphonso after Marcus perishes from being taken into the Kugelblitz. Later, the Kugelbltiz also kills Fei and Christopher.

What was Reginald’s strategy in Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy?
We learn that even the new Reginald, who initially seemed better than the previous one, is still cunning and vicious, and is prepared to sacrifice his children in order to achieve his goals. Reginald kills Luther in the season’s last two episodes before shoving Klaus out of the tunnel between Hotel Obsidian and Oblivion.

He uses his children as the “seven bells” to trigger an interdimensional machine that feeds on their particles once he reaches Oblivion. Although we aren’t given all the specifics of what Reginald wants, we know it has something to do with “Abigail Hargreeves.”

Third season of The Umbrella Academy: Will Klaus and Luther live?
It appeared like they were doomed since Reginald killed Luther and stopped Klaus from departing with the rest of his family. Klaus and Luther ended up in the vacuum. Fortunately, Luther and Klaus are able to flee and rejoin their siblings in reality when Reginald restores the chronology (or whichever it is he does it). So, yeah, they are both still alive at the conclusion of the season (albeit powerless).

Who is Abigail Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy season 3?
This season, Abigail Hargreeves remains an enigma, despite the fact that she is obviously significant. We witness Abigail being detained at a covert facility in a flashback to Luther’s time on the moon. Then, at the very end of the season, Reginald and Abigail are shown standing on a skyscraper and gazing out over the city while holding hands (this scene is strikingly similar to the Fight Club climax).

My best assumption is that Reginald has a romantic interest in Abigail. But is it possible that she is anyway his biological child? His foreign wife? We’ll probably learn next season, in my opinion!

What occurs at the conclusion of The Umbrella Academy season 3?
By utilising his machine and emptying their particles, Reginald almost kills Lila, Diego, Klaus, Viktor, Ben, Sloane, and Five towards the conclusion of the season. Allison ultimately comes to her senses when she notices what Reginald is doing to her brothers and strikes him, killing him with a guardian weapon that has been abandoned.
Allison pushes a schematic that displays on the machine interface, indicating that whatever Reginald was doing was working. The cosmos then starts over from scratch. Klaus, Lila, Diego, Ben, Viktor, and Luther appear out of nowhere in the former hotel’s courtyard. Five got his arm back and Diego’s fingers are back since everyone is healthy and protected. Klaus and Luther are still alive.

The disappearance of everyone’s powers is the sole significant distinction. Everyone’s powers were lost as a result of whatever Reginald’s reset performed. Sloane is also missing. When Luther notices his wife is not among the others, he becomes distraught and quickly sets out to find her.

From there, everyone splits off, with Lila and Diego moving off together, Ben branching out on his own, Klaus after Luther (because he just died and is now vulnerable), Viktor pursuing Five, and Lila and Diego splintering off on their own.

Is Allison in a separate timeline than everyone else in season three of The Umbrella Academy?

Allison does not return to the courtyard, which is an important detail. Where she ends up is unclear, but she quickly travels to. Not only is Claire returned, but Raymond is also well and living! It’s interesting that Reginald was prepared to betray Allison at Hotel Oblivion; he was unaware that Klaus would survive, and if Klaus hadn’t, I presume Allison would have had to become the seventh bell. However, it appears that Reginald kept his half of the bargain with Allison.
But it’s also important to recognise that Allison’s wounds have not completely healed. In contrast to her siblings, like Diego and Five, who were reset and had their limbs returned and no wounds or anything, she still has wrapped arms and appears exactly the same as she did when we last saw her.

Does that imply that Allison and the rest of her family are now in different timelines? Could this imply that Allison still possesses her special abilities in contrast to her siblings? Strangely, Claire is still Claire even if Raymond is now alive. There is no doubt that “Claire” as we know her would not exist if Allison and Raymond had a child together. Unless everything is a result of what Reginald did. There is a lot to take in.

What happens to Sloane in Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy?
Sloane did not arrive to the courtyard with the rest of the family, thus we are unsure of what happened to her. Sloane could now be wherever she would have been if Reginald hadn’t adopted her, as the timeline has been reset.

It’s odd that Sloane would remain alone while Ben joins the rest of the family. Although “another” elderly Ben did pass away, the Ben in the courtyard is the same Sparrow Ben that we have been accustomed to seeing all season. I wonder whether Sloane is stuck in a realm or if she’s just going about her daily business and won’t recall Luther at all.

Speaking of which, we can certainly conclude that because the timeline has been reset, all the other deceased characters—including Harlan, Stan, Alphonso, Fei, Christopher, Marcus, and Jayme—are now alive. Do you think we’ll ever see any of them again?

Does The Umbrella Academy season 3 have a post-credits scene?

The third season of The Umbrella Academy concludes with a brief mid-credits sequence. The railway station where Ben is seen looks to be the same one in Seoul that served as the season’s debut. Will Ben look for his biological mother? We may suppose that everyone’s mothers are living once again since the chronology was reset.

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