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UAE Prime Minister’s Wife Escapes with Rs 271 Crore

September 25, 20221 Mins Read

Dubai (UAE): Minister’s 6th wife Haya Daughter Of Al-Hussain Millions of rupees and two children have gone missing from the United Arab Emirates.Talking about leaving the country with the money of around 31 million pounds (over Rs 271 crore). According to media reports, the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the ruler of Dubai Sheikh’s relations with his 6th wife was not going well these days. Initial reports indicate that Haya is likely to be hiding in London.

Media reports say King Abdullah’s Step-sister Haya wants to divorce her husband, according to information, Haya wants to move to UAE and stay in Germany. She also sought political asylum from the German government to stay with his children.

Many reports claim that Haya has taken enough money to start a new life. So that they don’t have to struggle for money It is being reported that the western countries are very close because he studied at Oxford University in England since then she has been engaged in social work however, she is not been seen on any public events or social media since February.

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