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Trump’s younger brother is passing away

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Protoday247 News Desk: The younger brother of US President Donald Trump, Robert Trump, died Saturday after enduring an unexplained disease, leaving the American government in mourning.”It is with a heavy heart that I announce that my beloved uncle, Robert, died peacefully tonight,” Trump said in a White House tweet.
“He wasn’t just my dad, he was my best friend. He’s going to be missed a lot, but we’ll talk again. His legacy will live forever in my heart. Robert, I love you.” 74-year-old president visited his brother at a hospital in New York City, where he stayed for about 45 minutes.U.S. media outlets claimed that Robert Trump was severely ill, but there were no specifics.
Donald Trump, who was stopping for the weekend in New York on the way to his golf club in nearby Bedminster, New Jersey, told reporters Friday that “he’s having a hard time.”While much less famous than his older brother, Robert Trump, who was born in 1948, had long been an integral part of the family’s real estate empire and had been ferociously loyal to the president.
Robert Trump unsuccessfully went to court to try to get an injunction to prevent his niece Mary Trump from publishing a book called “Too Much and Never Enough”The book that portrays Donald Trump as the product of a “toxic” family was a “disgrace,” said Trump. Although a temporary restraining order was applied, it was lifted by the judge in July, allowing publication.
Donald Trump has previously dubbed his brother “wonderful” and claimed they had a “perfect friendship for a long time, from day one.” Donald Trump ‘s daughter and Ivanka’s counselor said on Twitter Saturday, “Oncle Robert, we love you. You ‘re always in our hearts and prayers.”

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