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The Valley Of Flowers | Paradise on the Earth

September 9, 20224 Mins Read

The Valley Of Flowers

Exactly what sugar is to sweets and salt is to food, Colours are to human lives. The viewers of Black and white movies shifting to colored movies would have understood what a miracle has colors played for their eyes. Imagine these colors when offered by nature in their most beautiful form, how pleasing would they be for the human soul. One such place divinely crafted by nature herself is The Valley of flowers  spread in 87 sq km in the Chamoli district, in the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand. Seems like Paradise on Earth, it tempts everyone to wander and lost them in the beauty of the place. The place was accidentally discovered by Britishers when they lost their way and encountered this miracle, since then it is known as the Valley of Flowers, Indeed this accident was a colorful one.
Surrounded by bodyguards like Mountains, resides the delicate flowers reflecting their bright colors in the sunlight. The valley is filled with an exotic and huge range of flowers which exhibits beauty in its purest form.

National Park

Built in 1982, it is regarded as a National Park and also bears the title of UNESCO World Heritage site, since July 15, 2014. Not only does it bring pure bliss to its viewers, but also immense pride to the nation in the entire world. Not just flowers, but the place includes an enormous range of birds as well.
As the flowers have their own time of blooming, the place should be visited in the month of July till the first week of October. The visiting time period includes the monsoon season, what could be more beautiful than having grey-black clouds above the head with the most colorful scenery in front of the eyes? The eyes and the camera will must have the day of their lives.

Flowers’ Species

The place is home to around 600 species of flowers, more than we thought would exist! Like Orchids, Premulas, Daisies, Marigold, poppies and so many more. How Flowers are restricted to a small number of categories in our daily lives is such a disgrace to art, but this place strikes the problem and lets humans travel through some of its miniature miracles. Trekking along with these refreshing scented sceneries is so sublime. But the trek is no cake-walk; it is a moderately difficult and long trek that requires strength and stamina all the way long. Having all the safety gear with oneself is very important.
This trek is suitable for all kinds of trekkers, from beginners to professionals. It starts from Govindghat and takes the trekker to the beautiful flowery meadows of the valley; along the route the place is full of splendid and awe-inspiring things, like the gushing and cascading waterfalls and streams. 3600 mt above sea level, the valley provides shelter to amazing wildlife species like the gray langur, the flying squirrel, the Himalayan weasel, and black bear, the red fox, the lime butterfly, the snow leopard, and Himalayan monal, to name a few. The snowcapped mountains, The Himalayas around are like a cherry on the top.

Sanjeevani herb

The place holds religious significance as well; the Sanjeevani herb that Hindu community’s Lord Hanuman carried for Lord Laxman also has its origin here. It helps people to understand mythology in a practical way.
This place is no less than a paradise for the photographers. Enhancing their skill along with trekking could be done here. Be it complete family, a couple, or solo, the place is for all as its admiration is not dependent on anyone.
What is most impressive about the place is that It not just keeps a check on the physical being of a person by trekking but also refreshes one’s mental health. One can find no reason to miss this place; it is such a boon for every person, as it fills them up with awe and unbelievable scenarios.

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