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The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him)

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Islam is the union of religion. While it speaks of establishing a relationship with the Creator through worship and individual attention and correction, it is also a matter of society and social issues. The teachings of Islam are based on mutual respect and wisdom with regard to social classes, differences of human temperament and other religions. Respected Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Mercy of the world.
He then left behind clear teachings that guarantee the rights of minorities or followers of other religions who are present in Islamic countries or want to move there. In this regard, Islam has introduced two basic concepts, one is Dhimit and the other is Jizya-Dhimit.
The form of this obligation and protective relationship, which is a tangible agreement in the payment of rights and duties, is jizya. In other words, Islam is responsible for ensuring the social, personal, economic and state rights of minorities, while in this regard it imposes only a symbolic and modest tax on the minorities residing in the Islamic state. These people are like other citizens in business, worship, way of life, constitutional and legal rights.
It divides non-Muslims into three basic levels of responsibility. the first is the dhimmis, whose full responsibility rests with their state. These are the minorities who are living in Islamic countries and it is the duty of the Islamic State to ensure their lives, property, sanctity, religious freedom and social rights in return for paying this tax (jizya).
Second are the Companions of the Hudna or the minorities with whom the peace treaty exists, that is, the Muslim conquered territories whose inhabitants live in their own territories with their own administration but with other rights in exchange for the peace treaty and the payment of Jizyah from the Muslim state. At the same time, I am getting the facility of peace and protection from external enemies.Third place is used by non-Muslims who come to Islam for the purpose of diplomacy, trade, tourism or education.
Islam does not impose any kind of Jizyah or tax on all such people. Anti-Islamic elements have always portrayed this beautiful classification of Islam and natural social issues in a negative light. They interpret responsibility as low-level citizenship while Jizyah as a humiliating financial payment. A document on the rights of minorities in Islamic history. The starting point is the Charter of Medina, in which the state of Medina granted non-Muslims the sanctity of life and property, religious freedom and social rights.
In Sahih Muslim, Kitab-ul-Salam, Hazrat Anas narrates that after the conquest of Khyber, a Jewish woman came to the Holy Prophet and mixed poison in the meat of a goat. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) ate it and left it as soon as he felt the effect. The woman was called and he asked her: Why did you do that? She said: I planned to kill you.
He said, “Allah will not give you this courage.” Hazrat Ali and other companions immediately said, “If it is permissible, then kill him.” My Holy Prophet said: Absolutely not.
This is the essence of patience and this is the best degree of patience and forgiveness that you forgave even the enemy who took your life. The illness and care of the Jewish woman who used to whip you is a famous event.
Similarly, the polytheists of Badr who were taken prisoner. Redemption from them in exchange for redemption or teaching ten Muslims, forgiving the enemies who abused them in spite of their strength and power, and in such a situation when the enemy is weak but stubborn and stubborn, and if he wanted a discount, you would usually give him a chance anyway the best example of this is the conquest of Makkah, on which he would have filled the streets and bazaars of Makkah with blood if he wanted, but by announcing a general amnesty, the polytheists passed the right of life, property and honor of Makkah.
SubhanAllah ! He was the Prophet of Mercy and in such a society at a time when woman had no place, her safety was taken as her refuge by Allah, the Prophet, the leader of the messengers and the ruler of Arabia. While this incident is a practical manifestation of the rights of the polytheists in Makkah, it also reflects the respect and pride of women’s rights.

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