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  • The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar will no longer offer beer

The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar will no longer offer beer

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Qatar Will No Longer Offer Beer

The New York Times (NYT) reported on Friday that Qatari officials had determined that only non-alcoholic beverages would be offered at stadiums during matches of The FIFA World Cup.

An individual with knowledge of the plan modification from The 22nd FIFA World Cup confirmed the decision regarding beer sales on Friday morning. Because they were not authorized to communicate with the media. Qatar was still drafting its official announcement for Friday morning, the official requested anonymity, according to the NYT.

Part of “a developing alcohol plan” is the action. The organization’s official fan guide states that, “ticket holders will have access to Budweiser, Budweiser Zero, and Coca-Cola products within the stadium boundary.”

It was claimed in September that Qatar will allow ticketed soccer fans to purchase alcoholic drinks. The drinks can only be purchased at the beginning three hours before kickoff and continuing for one hour following the final whistle, but not during the game itself.

Qatar has strict restrictions on the availability and sale of alcohol. Although it is legal to consume alcohol in Qatar, only some hotels have bars where guests may do so.

The 22nd FIFA World Cup

The 22nd FIFA World Cup was held in the Muslim-majority nation of Qatar, an Arab nation. The English Daily Star newspaper described as “a country that did not submit to specific international guidelines to host this great tournament, but according to Qatar, as the host of this tournament, Qatar adhered to all of its Sharia and Islamic laws during World Cup .”

Al-Raya Qatari newspaper reported that verses from the Holy Quran were chanted at the commencement of the opening ceremony. This was in reference to the opening ceremony of the largest football festival in the world.

The FIFA World Cup will be a great opportunity to change the false perception of the Islamic world. A great challenge that Qatar can overcome by expertly hosting the most prestigious football event, according to the report. Qatar is dedicated to maintaining Islamic customs and traditions.

The FIFA fan festival stopped celebrating and playing music yesterday (Saturday) till the end of prayer. Before the first game between the hosts Qatar and Ecuador at 14:40 GMT, the stadium’s opening ceremony was place.

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