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The 15th of July has been marked as the World Youth Skills Day (WYSD) and is celebrated each year on the represented day. The aim of celebrating this day is to spread the awareness about the essence of the youth skills development and to encourage the young souls to enhance their inner skills like creating, making, building and much more to be able to stand for them and fulfill their desires.
The concept of this day was given by the United Nations in December 2014 at its General Assembly. The establishment of this International day was to gain a standard Socio-Economic value for the youth as they have been going through the challenges of unemployment and underemployment.
The youth are the basic pillars of any nation and they play a vital role in leading it towards a sustainable future. Hence, the United Nations (UN) has called education and training as the key points towards success. But unfortunately, the ratio of unemployed young people is almost thrice as compared to the adult.
Currently, world’s 1.2 billion population is of young people between the ages of 15 to 24 years making a percentage of about 16% and as per a survey report, approximately 73.4 million (13.1%) of the youth had been unemployed in 2015.
As per the theory of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), one of the reasons for the youth being unemployed may also be due to “Structural Unemployment”. The term “Structural Unemployment” refers to the mismatch of the skills; i.e. the skills one offers and the skills that are demanded.
This has been a common issue among the youth that they have been offered lowered quality jobs that do not match their skills which become the reason of de-motivation in them. they have continuously faced different challenges as environmental changes, unemployment, inequality of gender, poverty, disparity, struggle, and movement, etc. Therefore, due to all these facts of unemployment and inequality, the young people are being left behind in the society which is a critical condition for all the nations globally.
Hence, to overcome all these issues An Agenda for a “Sustainable Development-Agenda-2030” has been made to achieve by the end of 2030.

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