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Surah Al-Hujrat

September 10, 20223 Mins Read


Surah Al-Hujrat is the forty-ninth Surah of the Holy Quran and it is found in the twenty-sixth part of it.
It has been named as AL-Hujrat because the word is found in the fourth verse. Surah Al- Hujrat comprises eighteen verses and two rukus. It has been revealed in Madina. This surah is a collection of the commandments and instructions sent down on different occasions.
The tradition shows that most of these commandments were sent down during the final stage of the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) life at Madinah. For instance, about verse 4 the commandments state that it was sent down concerning the Bani Tamim whose deputation had arrived in Madinah and started calling out to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) from outside the apartments (Hujrat) of his wives.
In the first five verses, they have been taught the manners they should observe concerning Allah and his Messenger. The initial part contains the following teachings.

  1. Respect of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
  2. Ban to speak loudly unto the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Prohibited Social Evils in the Islamic Society

Waiting for the appearance of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) State the Social evils mentioned in Surah Al- Hujrat. Following Social evils have been pinpointed in Surah Al- Hujrat.

  1. Making fun of others:

This is the most common evil found in the Muslim society at the time of the prophethood of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) which still prevails among the present-day Muslims. People admire such people but thus acts result in displeasure and mutual conflicts Allah wants this to be discarded.

  1. Taunting:

It is the most irksome and irritating activity in which findings some physical, social or cultural defect or shortcoming people mention it and perpetrate insult on the persons possessing the defect on the drawback. Thus, the taunted persons are humiliated and tortured Allah dislikes this type of humiliating activity and forbids it.

  1. Assigning bad titles:

For some physical disability calling a person to be cross-eyed, deaf, dumb, lame, nose less and flat-nosed, etc. Are the bad titles used against disabled ones? Such titles are irksome and may result in all feelings and quarrels.
Allah strictly forbids their use.

  1. Evil suspicion:

Muslims have developed an evil habit to form doubts about other members of society. Everything seems green through green glasses hence forming some opinions about others that too generally wrong by developing some suspicions is a social evil. Therefore, a Muslim should ways cultivate good opinion about other Muslims so that mutual love and respect develops in due course.

  1. Making hot pursuit to find faults:

Generally, all the Muslims and particularly the Muslim ladies are accustomed to peep into the houses of neighbors to find faults in their private lives. They lack trust in their fellow women and make publicity about the weakness of others. Allah dislikes such exploitation of others and prohibits Muslims to find fault with the other members of the Muslim society.

  1. Backbiting:

It means to discuss the bad things of other people in his absence or make propaganda about the weakness of fellowmen in their absence to humiliate them.
Allah regards backbiting to be a very bad habit and hateful activity and says that it is as good as eating the flesh of the dead body of the brother. If all the above-mentioned social evils are avoided sincerely in the Islamic society. Then, it will become free from unhappy disputes and undue quarrels and the society would become an ideal and exemplary one for the other people.

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