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Shaheen 3 missiles can destroy Israel in 12 minutes

August 20, 20222 Mins Read

Renowned journalist Dr Shahid Masood says That the Shaheen 3 missiles will fly from Balochistan at a speed of 2,600 km / h. It will fall to TelAbib, Israel in just 12 minutes, without interruption and without any defense system. On the way, Iraq, Iran and Jordan will arrive. Those who have no system to stop the missiles.

While senior defense analyst Lt. Gen. Ghulam Mustafa said That Shaheen 3 can Hit Israel in less than 12 minutes, He spoke in private TV the speed of Pakistan’s Shaheen 3 missile is 18 times faster than air speed. On February 27, Pakistan made Shaheen 3 Move And on the morning of February 28, suddenly the world was in motion, the same day, Israel spoke to the US to buy three anti-ballistic missiles, Because Israel knows Shaheen 3 target.

He said that the night India took this action That night there was an air of fear in Israel America was also afraid that if Pakistan does not get hurt then how far can Pakistan go. They have no idea what Pakistan’s plan is but who is the enemy of Pakistan, Pakistan will use Shaheen 3 against it Because strategic levels can be anything.

Ghulam Mustafa said that the attack was carried out in Pakistan this was planning in Kabul It also included the secret agency Raw and Israel, it also included a great force.  Did they come to end the Taliban I do not know that our leadership and government lives in the fool paradise. But whoever tries to remove Pakistan from the way, it will crumble.

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