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Sad news of the 27-year-old heart attack death of the former Miss Brazil

September 22, 20222 Mins Read

Miss Brazil Gleycy Correia, Miss United Continents Brazil 2018, passed away on Monday, June 20 while still in a coma as a result of a brain haemorrhage and a heart attack that occurred five days after she had her tonsils removed.

Lidiane Alves Oliveira, the family priest, told The Mirror: “She underwent surgery to remove her tonsils [in late March], and five days after returning home, she suffered a haemorrhage.

“She went to [the neighbourhood hospital] Unimed and suffered a heart arrest on April 4. She has been in a coma ever since, showing no signs of neurological activity. She went away today.

Following the news of her passing, tributes have flooded social media.

I have fought the good battle, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith, Miss Brazil Correia tweeted on her now-family-run Instagram account on Wednesday, June 22.
Jak Abreu, a local preacher and friend of the family, said: “God picked this day to gather our princess.”
We are aware of how much she will be missed, but her grin will now be lighting up the skies.

The former beauty queen who became a successful businesswoman specialised in permanent makeup and often updated her Instagram account, which had over 55k followers.

Following the passing of another Brazilian model earlier this year, Miss Brazil Correia’s passing was announced.

According to a family acquaintance at the time, the fully immunised model allegedly passed away after experiencing Covid problems.

Felipeh Campos said that Marcia Boscardin’s 18-year-old daughter passed away this past weekend from a thrombosis after contracting the coronavirus.

“What a tragedy, Valentina was on the rise and prepared to start a job abroad. She received both Pfizer dosages as an immunisation. Valentina, just take it easy.

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